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 Valentine’s Day ~ whether you make a hoopla about it or not, at the end of the day it’s about love and chocolate (preferably 70% dark).  Get creative with your partner;) and if you aren’t up for an outing, dine in with an easy dinner, some bubbly, and then put on a fun movie!

If you are looking for a little pink action, here are a few of my favorites!

{Pick up Aerin Beauty Tuberose candle here}

Pretty in pink, with the fragrance of roses.  Perfect for setting romantic ambiance!

{Pick up a Silk Pillow Case here}

Tame the frizzies and reduce the chance of developing sleep lines, yep!  Silk pillow cases will help a lot!

{Pick up Pink Lip Balm  here}

Pink lips are perfect for kissing;) Order this pretty pink lip balm for your cosmetic bag!

{Pick up Nail Polish here}

To keep in-line with my minimalist look, I usually choose neutral nail color, if any.  This one has the perfect amount of blush added and the container is lovely;)

{Get Hanky Panky Signature panties  here}

If you haven’t worn these, get a pair asap.

{Get this Pink Triangle Bra here}

How pretty would this be under a silk blouse? LOVE..

{Get the French Girl Lip Scrub here}

Put this in the shower and apply to your lips every few days…….

{Get the Mini Heart Beads here}

Adorable anywhere.  Try them on a shelf or with a pile of books on your coffee table!

{Get the Bon Bon Soap here}

How adorable!  A fun gift idea for your girlfriends, yes?

{Get the Pink Hair Towel here}

These really help with the frizzies.  Have you tried one?


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