Spring Skin

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As the weather changes so does our skin.  Take a moment to update your home care regimen to include products that will help your skin fresh and healthy.   Remember too that cosmetics expire and should be tossed after several months.   Skin is in a constant state of flux so if you feel like you’ve lost your glow with the products that you’ve always used, that’s not uncommon.  Sensitivities, hormones, weather, and even digestion all play a part in how our skin looks.

  1.  First, make sure your make up brushes are clean!  Always begin with clean skin and clean brushes;)

I use a gentle soap and warm water.  Rinse well and then lay flat to dry.

2.  Lighten everything up.

Switch from your regular foundation to something sheer like a mineral powder or tinted moisturizer.    I am currently using Alima Pure with a serum and love the feel of this product on my skin.

3. Try a serum and a light moisturizer under your sunscreen.

Sometimes we think we need a thick, rich product on our skin to stay hydrated or moisturized.  There are some women that may require a heavy moisturizer but most of us will do better with lighter product.  May Lindstrom’s The Youth Dew is a super hydrating facial serum packed with a  bouquet of 20 regenerating plant and botanical oils infused with CoEnzyme Q 10 .. for a petal soft complexion that glows. I like her philosophy on skin care and pick up her products from time to time.

4. Add subtle shimmer for a glow.

I am using RMS Living Illuminizer on my cheeks along with a sheer creamy blush (love this natural look!) .   RMS is a sheer luminizer with a translucent, satin finish for a luminous glow.  It’s not sticky or glittery so it will flatter all skin tones.

5.  Cream Blush

Just the packaging alone got me on this oneKjaer Weis Cream Blush blends beautifully on the cheeks for a natural looking touch of color with a dewy finish.   All of the ingredients are organic and my favorite color is Sun Touched.

6.  Lips

I’m obsessed with ‘Lip Magic’ from Charlotte Tilbury.  It smells delicious, is totally natural (healthy for your lips!) and it’s really moisturizing.    I use it in the morning under my lipstick and in throughout the day as needed for dryness control;)







Spring Beauty Favorites




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  1. Leslie,
    You are always helping me to remember to change up a few things when the seasons change. I am in need of a new blush so I’ll definitely check out this one.
    Thanks. Love the ranunculus, by the way.

  2. What gorgeous photography to usher us into your tips for the changing season. Thank you, Leslie for keeping us on track and reminding us to care for this most important organ…our skin. Peace to you.

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