Adding Spring Touches to the Kitchen

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Adding Spring Touches to the Kitchen

The Pacific Northwest can be rainy and cold in March but despite that there are clear signs that spring is here.  Crocus are coming up like weeds, tulips and daffodils are in full bloom, and the leaves are coming back on our forest trees.  Growth and subtle color is everywhere! It’s still too early to plant my containers though.  I’ll have to wait until May …

Until then I’ll continue to add spring touches to our home!  There are so many simple and inexpensive ways to create the feeling of springtime in your kitchen which for most us is the hub of our home.

A pretty hand towel folded on the counter or laying over the sink is an inexpensive and easy way to freshen up your kitchen space.  I’m not big into large scale bunnies everywhere but I do like subtle seasonal touches.  This bunny hand towel is the perfect addition to the range.  I also added a cute Beatrix Potter spatula and vintage chocolate mold in the shape of a bunny to the wood kitchen tray.

I use these bar wipes for counter clean up and keep the seasonal linen over the sink just because it’s pretty.  There are so many gorgeous towels and quality linens last forever.  I’ve also added a new dish brush (also like this one) and  creamer that also holds flowers and wooden spoons.

I have a garden box outside the window that I look forward to filling when the weather gets warmer.  I found a beautiful wreath for the window and it makes the entire kitchen feel like springtime! Outside we are still drying out from winter but you can see that the leaves are beginning to come back on the trees.  We live on a protected forest and wetland area so we often see deer, bear, bob cat, and recently we’ve had coyote.  I think they are going after the rabbit .. mother nature.

The vintage bunny mold fits perfectly on the wood tray next to to my range.  I have a great recipe for candy bunnies made with cacao instead of chocolate.  They are delicious so stay tuned for the recipe!

I also ordered a few milk glass vases from Etsy and they are so fun to fill with flowers for springtime!  These flowers are from our winter/spring garden and they smell incredible.

Adding Spring Touches to the Kitchen

       1.   Add spring linens

2.  Fresh scented hand soap

3.  Add flowers and a wreath

4. Change your kitchen rug

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  1. Hi Leslie, I’ve been enjoying your posts lately! I love your kitchen window with the wreath. My mom used to collect milk glass, I ended up selling a couple pieces on ebay. Our house is in somewhat of a rural area, we live on almost an acre. We have a lot of rabbits (we just saw a baby bunny today) and coyotes as well. Also hawks, skunks (our dog got sprayed once, horrible) and on a rare occasion raccoons and foxes. But no bears or bob cats yikes! I used to dislike the coyotes because they go after rabbits and cats in the neighborhood but like you said mother nature or as my husband says the food chain. They were here first, so we need to share the land I guess.

    1. Hi Linda! So nice to hear from you:) Yes, it’s all about that food chain.. Sadly those rabbits make a quick, easy meal for the coyotes. We’ve had a pack that circulate through so we are having to take Layla out on leash at night when it’s dark. The milk glass is so pretty. I used to have some and felt it was dated so I tossed it. Now I’m liking it again so I found a couple pieces on etsy for just a few dollars:) Hope you are enjoying your week so far! xox

  2. New to your blog after discovering you in today’s Christmas tour. Would you share your source for the striped roman shade in your kitchen? Love it!

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