What to bring when you go apple picking

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Apple picking signifies the beginning of Fall and the season of traditions.  Every year we pick 20 to 30 pounds and over the course of several weeks bake everything APPLE we can think of!  This year we went to Swans Trail Farm located along the peaceful Snohomish River. The historic farm, pastoral beauty, and rustic beauty is creates the perfect setting for a family outing.

Make it a tradition

This year we picked several varieties and can’t wait to start baking!

Plan ahead prior to visiting an apple farm :)  You’ll be doing some walking, so wear a low bootie or your favorite Hunters if it’s been raining.  There’s often a chill in the air so bring a light jacket or sweatshirt to keep you warm, and wear some comfy jeans.  Apple picking and picnics go hand and hand so pack snacks or a fun lunch and your favorite blanket.  I pack my favorite cheeses, olives, crackers, and sometimes a can of bubbles.  Once you get your apples home give them a quick rinse and pile them high in your favorite container.  You won’t need potpourri or candles .. fresh apples smell amazing!

Up next .. my Rustic Apple Pie recipe!


Photography by Missy Palacol / Hair and Makeup – Chromatique Salon

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  1. Gorgeous photos and inspiration for baking, Leslie! Where I live, we must always keep the freshly picked apples refrigerated so I need faux for decor! xox

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