our visit to Carmel by the sea

Hi Everyone!

Last week we had a wonderful visit with our family in Carmel by the sea.  The weather was perfect and what a change from rainy Seattle at this time of year.  We really needed a little bit of sunshine!

If you’ve ever been to Carmel driving around to look at the coast and beautiful homes is a must.  The cottages are all unique and seem to have their own personality.

My Aunt’s cottage was built in the 1920’s and she’s filled it with antiques and french linens……I’m in heaven whenever I go!

I managed to snap a few photos as family was running around so you could get a feel for what it looks like.  My favorite part is the great room with the stone fire place.  The bathroom counters and shower area are all marble and most of the wood pieces were built by my uncle.  The hardware and doors in the cottage are original.

There is an ordinance that forbids removing trees in the area so there is a part of the cottage that is literally built around a large tree!

The garden is still coming to life after a cold, rainy winter.  I can just imagine having coffee here in the summertime!

Enjoy the tour!


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