Cleanse, Moisturize, and should I use a facial oil?

Ecco Bella Cleanser   | Ecco Bella Day Cream | May Lindstrom Youth Dew

Hello beauties!  Do you have a regular skin care routine?  With the ever changing needs of our skin, it’s probably a good idea to take a fresh look at your skin care routine seasonally or if you’ve had changes in your health status.

Today I’m discussing three products that would be an option for sensitive, dry, or compromised skin.  They  are all fragrance free.

Ecco Bella

Enriched with antioxidants and vitamins, Ecco Bella can help product protect your skin from stress, sun, environmental aging and blemishes.  This is literally like a reset button for younger looking skin!  Ecco Bella Cleanser  is  light and helps refresh your skin in the morning and remove make up at night.  I always begin with a make up removal cloth first or Bioderma soaked cotton rounds.

The  NATURAL AGE ANTIDOTE DAY SKIN CREAM is a light, hydrating moisturizer that won’t make you break out. It’s great for layering if you choose to add an oil or serum like CE Ferulic.  This product does contain a physical, non-chemical sun block which is always my preference.    This is a lovely product and makes an excellent primer and diffuser to attract light where you want it and deflect from where you don’t:)

Should I add oil?

If your skin feels oily and is prone to break outs it’s my opinion that you don’t need to add more oil.  Skin that’s oily does need hydration though, but I’d choose something from this list.  The condition and feel of our skin varies greatly depending on season, hereditary factors, and age, so keep in mind what once worked .. may no longer.  If your your pores are large and your skin feel oily or if you are prone to breakouts,  the good news is that all that oil production will come in handy when oil production goes down as you mature.  What I’m saying here is that there is a potential ant-aging benefit in the long run when it comes to all those fine lines and wrinkles, ha!

It’s my opinion that because we produce less oil as we mature, most of us will benefit by adding a few drops of oil to our skin every night or so.  The trick is .. finding the right product.  Some of them are pricey so I’m giving several options that might be good to try.  There are also wonderful product {lines} that offer “anti-aging” products that contain Peptids and ceramides that will restore the skin’s delicate lipid barrier.   Some of these items are onely available through a Physicians office.  I will touch on a few of my favorites in another blog post;)


My favorite Face Oils:



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  1. Great post, Leslie.
    I’m officially “golden”. Yes 65 chronologically, but never mentally. Staying with 50. LOL I supplement my moisturizer with 2 drops of oil from Odacite’. I make my oil selection per season and need at the time.

    I wish you lived closer. I would come see you. Maybe when I retire in 2018!

    Always thank you for sharing your “pretty” with us!

    1. That’s right Lynne! ..never mentally ~ or physically (I know you’re in great shape!) Great job supplementing with oil AND changing it up seasonally. Would love to see you in the office;) xoL

  2. loving your tips, leslie. i received a facial oil from a brand i love for christmas that caused a breakout, and i was so bummed because the packaging and fragrance totally put me in a lovely trance–so for now, the only oils that truly agree with me are YBF-skincare (for nighttime) and votrevu (a little on top of makeup creates a glow that appears all natural…bonus!). have a wonderful day, lovely blogger. xox

    1. Yes, oils can be tricky and I don’t use them all the time. There are a couple explanations as to why you broke out .. one being that there was a botanical in there that didn’t agree with you. Depending on the condition of your skin at that particular time and day:) maybe it was too much for you. Temperamental creatures we are! You votrevu products are lovely and seem compatible with most skin types. xoL

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