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  1. Could you be so kind and tell me about the beautiful legs on your Ilve range?
    Is that an option that you ordered ?
    Thanks for the information

  2. Good Morning,
    I love your beautiful home. I’m currently searching for a soft blue velvet couch. Can you share where you bought yours?

  3. Hello; Could you tell me where you purchased your Ilve? I’m having a difficult time finding a dealer.. (NH) thank you.

  4. Hi Leslie
    I found you on Insta and you are now my favorite account…and of course I love your website too. Your recipes are always so good and easy to prepare. I also really love your deco tips, everything is exactly my way of life. Simple and uncomplicated, something vintage, cooking with a lot of love and maintaining a beautiful home,
    Warm regards
    Tessa from Switzerland

  5. Hi, I just came across you sourdough recipe on IG reels. It’s different than the one here. Can you please share the ingred. On your reel. I couldn’t catch it it was too fast, but it does 550 gm.flour

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