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Hello Everyone!  I hope you are having a fun and productive week!  I’ve been seeing lots of pretty faces at the office;) January is a great month to check in with your self and assess what you need to do or change.

We woke up to the sound of rain and it continues as I write.  Wintertime is dark and cold and can make us feel like hibernating.  To beat winter blues establish daily or weekly feel good rituals.  Here are a few of mine!

Sip warm tea during the day

Prepare your favorite soup

Cozy up by the fire

Listen to your favorite music

Read a book  (my current favorites)

Try a new class at the gym

Walk in the woods (my favorite spot!)

Enjoy dark chocolate!

Pick up flowers for your kitchen

Cozy up in your favorite sweater

Nibbling on a little dark chocolate is my guilty pleasure, especially when it’s cold and dark outside.  There are so many flavors available so try a few!  Market flowers can be had for just a few dollars and are guaranteed to brighten any day.  

Cozy layers are a must during the winter and I always liked the comfort of soft sweater.  Your comfort and peace of mind is connected to how we feel and how productive we are so choosing the right outfit is important.  Slouchy knits are casual yet very easy to dress up or down.  Soft knits are kind of like the comfort food of fashion:)   Today I am teaming up with Wooden Ships Knits  to share some of their seasonal knits just in time for Valentine’s Day!  This sweater is as soft as it looks and it’s light weight so I can layer it.    Check out the spring collection and accessories!


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