How to put up floating shelves in your kitchen

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Floating shelves used to be an expensive custom project.  Now you can put up floating shelves in your kitchen in just a few easy steps!  Follow along as I share how we installed DIY floating shelves for our kitchen using one of  Shelfology’s ready to hang systems.

Five years ago we did an extensive remodel on what was at the time a 30 year old home.  We kept the existing foot print, bumped out a few areas to create a little more space, vaulted the ceiling, and removed several walls to create a great room space. We literally rebuilt the house leaving only one original wall (the garage area).  This was our first extensive project and all said and done I think we did okay given what we had to work with.  My husband acted as general contractor so we were actively involved in the renovation process.  Such a learning experience the process was! Next time we will have more knowledge going into it and I look forward to that.  In the meantime we are doing everything we can to make the most of our small space. This kitchen upgrade has made a huge difference and we are thankful that we found Shelfology to help us with our shelving. The most difficult part of the project was measuring, cutting, and laying the tile.  Once that was done the installation of the shelves was simple.

Shelfology has a huge selection of ready to hang systems and DIY brackets and tools that make the project as simple as can be. The shelves I chose are the Aksel Alder (finished wood).  I didn’t want to go white or too dark .. these were perfect.

diy floating shelf installation
diy open shelves

{this is the space BEFORE}

diy floating shelf installation

diy floating shelves

Supplies needed for tile and floating shelf installation:

diy floating shelves

How to tile and add floating shelves in your kitchen:

  • Remove existing cabinets and tile.
  • Locate studs behind drywall for securing floating shelf brackets.
  • Write down the distance of a stud to the edge of the wall -for later.
  • Measure and cut the tile pieces to correct size and place on wall with tile adhesive.
  • Place spacers between each tile boundary.
  • When dry, remove spacers and apply sealant.  Allow to dry (follow manufacturers instructions).
  • When dry, apply grout, again follow manufacturers instructions regarding drying time.
  • Shelves are now ready for installation. Determine the height and placement of your shelves.
  • Drill holes through the tile at the location of center stud you previously recorded.
  • Install brackets.  I recommend reading available tutorial.
diy floating shelves
diy floating kitchen shelves
diy floating shelves
floating shelves DIY
floating shelves DIY
diy floating shelf installation

The visible outlets are bothersome to me so my husband added marble covers, giving them a more subtle appearance.

diy floating kitchen shelves

Watch the installation process!

how to put up floating shelves

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Shelfology takes you through the process with tutorials and written instructions.

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