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hi beauties!

Today is all about Roses …

Every week I purchase a few market flowers for my home.  You can get a bouquet for 5 to 10 dollars and if you trim the stems and keep the leaves out of the water,  they will last about a week in your container.  I splurged on roses last week and as the petals began to fall, rather than tossing them in my yard waste bin I decided to save them and make rose water and bath salts!  I ended up with so many petals I even threw a handful in my bath:)

What to do with rose petals:

  • Toss a few petals in the bath.

Easy enough ;)  It’s so pretty and there is something about having rose petals in the bath that feels so luxurious!

  • Pour 1 cup of boiling water over a handful of rose petals.

Allow the hot water to sit on the petals for a few minutes and then strain the water into a second container.  Allow to cool and pour your rose water in a sealed container or spray bottle. You can also add a drop of  essential oil;) for added benefits.  Use as a soothing skin tonic before bed or anytime you’d like to freshen up.  Keep this in your refrigerator as there are no preservatives.  It should last about a week refrigerated!

  • Make bath salts

First you will need to dry your rose petals.  This can be done by laying the petals in a single layer on a tray and leaving them for a couple days until they are dry.  If you are in a hurry, use a microwavable plate to dry your rose petals.  Put the petals in between a couple paper towels and microwave on high for about 45 seconds.  You will notice the moisturize from the petals is on the paper towels.  Microwave a second time if needed or until your petals have lost their moisture.  Once they are dry, add them to your Himalayan Sea Salt.  Don’t forget to add two drops of essential oil!  I used the 4 ounce mason jars from Amazon.   This is perfect for one bath:)  You can wrap up a couple different containers and gift to a friend and don’t forget Mother’s Day coming up!

Comment below if you have any questions and I’m happy to help!


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  1. Leslie, I love the idea of making bath salts with rose petals, I will have to try it. I always dry my roses and save for a fall arrangement and the petals that are left I keep in a bowl. Lovely photos. Thanks for the tutorial……

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