easing into the week

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It’s a chilly 24 degrees outside with a little bit of snow on the ground and bright sunshine.  Brrr!! I’m all snuggled up in my robe and it’s going to be a challenge getting to the gym and then off to work this morning.

This week I’ve been trying to ease back to my regular schedule.  The holiday mess is cleaned up and on my to-do list is to reorganize my work space.  I’m starting with a new calendar;)  Isn’t this Kate Spade Agenda one cute?!  Staying organized is not my strong point.  My son says .. mom you are too scattered!  I know he’s right.  My tendency is to do too many tasks at once rather than focusing on one or two items and seeing them to completion;)  Focusing on one thing at a time will be a priority starting today!  

I’ve found it helpful to write things down and so I bought this Notebook to get me started.   I have also purchased  a new  File Organizer and head phones  so I can listen to my Pandora while I work.   Staying hydrated is so important so I’ll be sipping water throughout the day in my favorite container (there are so many  cute ones!).  Lips take a beating in the winter so don’t forget to stay hydrated and keep your favorite Lip Balm near-by.    And finally;) I’ll be keeping that spa feeling by lighting a pretty candle.  My girlfriend bought me this Peace to Light Candle from Aveda and it makes me feel like I’m at my favorite spa;)




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 1: Water Bottle | 2. Notebook | 3: Lip Balm  | 4: Stapler | 5:Tape Dispenser | 6: Agenda | 7: Diffuser | 8:  Head Phones    9: Peace to Light Candle | 10: File Organizer

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