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I firmly believe that beauty is achieved from the inside out.  Although we recognize the benefits of exercise to our health,  that alone does not seem to be motivation enough for many of us.   The art of balancing meal planning and regular exercise is a challenge to adhere to so allow for plenty of time and patience.  The body really does adapt or get used to new routines over time so hang in there.  Regardless of the workout you choose, being properly fueled and looking chic can give us confidence to try something new, which in it self is a major step in the right direction!

Training Tips

  1. Be comfortable in your own skin.  Beauty begins from the inside so loose your shell and shine from within!
  2. Use what works.  If you are unable to take high impact, walk or swim.  Go easy and don’t compare yourself to the person next to you.  To be honest, they are likely just focused on themselves and don’t even notice you.
  3. Fuel up and stay hydrated.  If breakfast isn’t your thing, try grabbing a banana and almonds for the road or blend up a smoothie and pour it in your favorite container.  After you exercise, you’ve got about an hour or so to re-fuel so your body can build and repair muscle.  Choose a couple ounces or 10 -20 grams of protein and a complex carbohydrate to re-fuel.  This could be hummus and pita bread or a slice of whole grain toast with almond butter and jelly.  Protein Bars are usually filled with sugar and soy so I’m not a big fan.  There are some that are okay in a pinch ( here and here ) just don’t get into the habit of snacking on them, they can be habit forming.  If I have time I prepare a smoothie after my workout.  Smoothies are fine the next day so if you are busy, make extra and refrigerate.
  4. Hydrate.  Don’t forget your water bottle!
  5. Do some spring cleaning in the workout wardrobe department.  I’ve recently been wearing Carbon38 designs and appreciate the supportive, flattering leggings and outer garments.  The lux designs are stylish, comfortable, and machine-washable, perfect for those of us that are looking for an alternative to the cookie cutter look we see everyone wearing at the gym.  See how I styled the sweatshirt and leggings here!
  6. Live, love, laugh.  A sense of humor in all aspects of life is important. How fun are these tanks?!
  7. Partner up.  I’ve talked before about the importance of having a buddy to work out with.  Surround yourself with supportive and happy people.  Group exercise classes are fun too!  There’s nothing like a motivated group of women to incentivize you.   Try different workouts or classes and give yourself time to decide if you like it or not.  Go back at least three times to take the class and try different instructors.   I’ve taken the same class with two or three different instructors and had a totally different experience each time.
  8. Rest and recover.  Allow yourself the luxury of sleep and quiet time.  Shut down your computer at least an hour before bedtime and relax with your partner.  If you’re hungry, a handful of almonds and walnuts or a banana is a great snack to help you get a restful night sleep.
  9. Detox.  Sweat is great for the skin too but it can also be dehydrating.  Make sure you cleanse and hydrate.  I’ve just ordered this Purifying Mask for post exercise and can’t wait to use it.  Pollution leaves a layer of toxins on the top layer of skin that may lead to acne and inflammation which is aging to the skin.  This concentrated treatment mask provides an intense deep cleansing treatment that will help rid skin of surface build up and impurities.  It’s like a fresh green juice for your skin!

Happy Friday!


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  1. Leslie,
    Great tips for working out. I especially like your comments about learning to be comfortable in your own skin. I need a few new workout pieces and am happy to know about Carbon 38.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Happy weekend Leslie and thanks for sharing all the wonderful training tips. The words, live, love and laugh are what we should always have in our lives.

  3. I needed this! I am trying to get back into an exercise routine and I agree with all you said…also a big believer in having clothes to wear that you look and feel good in while you are working out, which is actually one of my to do’s this week- to go and buy new workout wear and desperately need new sneakers, any recommendations?

    1. Hi Tina, I wear the NIKE that I show here and like them because they are very light weight and have sort of a mesh top. When choosing a shoe, take in to account what you will be doing in the shoe. I’m assuming you want a cross training shoe? There are a couple different cross training varieties so take a look. You can return the shoe if you wear it and it doesn’t feel right. Last, I usually order a 1/2 size up for ALL athletic shoes and use a good pair of socks. Hope this helps! ;)

  4. i totally agree about having a buddy–mine moved away, and it’s tough getting motivated to go it alone! thanks for your encouragement and pics of your killer guns, leslie. man oh man they are impressive, and i miss my toned upper arms! you rule!

  5. Great training tips Leslie! Especially about staying hydrated…I had a spell of heat exhaustion a few years ago. It was hot & humid that morning, I’d had a cup of coffee before breakfast and not enough water BEFORE I went on my walk, and only a medium sized water bottle with me. Not good…I learned my lesson!

    I used to eat a lot of protein bars but some of them are definitely loaded with sugar… I was making my own protein/energy bars for awhile. Time to drag the recipes out again.


      1. Luckily I didn’t require medical care…I just had a persistent bad headache and then when I got dizzy I figured it out. (Googled the symptoms) Luckily I had a sports drink with electrolytes on hand and drank tons of water and felt better by that evening.

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