Simple Cozy Fall Home

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Missy Palacol Photography

This morning I awoke to darkness and temperatures in the forties, a sure sign that fall is in progress and winter is coming.   We are starting to clean up leaves, empty and store pottery that was on our deck, and I’ve removed the herbs from my window box and added hearty pansies, cabbage, and some greenery that will survive the winter.  Inside is a work in progress.

Beginning outdoors:

  1.  I found a site on Etsy that makes seasonal doormats and couldn’t resist this one!
  2. Coffee is a must in the morning and I found the perfect mug.  I entertain a lot in the winter and these were inexpensive enough that I could purchase enough so everyone could have the same mug.
  3. We emptied our window box and replaced the herbs with some hearty plants for the winter like pansies and cabbage.
  4. Inside, apples and pears have replaced the summer fruits in baskets and bowls and I’ve added a fresh rosemary to my crock that I keep in my kitchen.  I also found these adorable SALT and PEPPER containers to go right next to my oven.  The kitchen sink has a fresh hand soap dispenser (my favorite) and linen.  I love this checkered linen hanging over my sink or near the oven.   Bar mops are a must and these are my favorite for a quick spill on my marble counters.
  5. I’ve added some seasonal décor (pumpkins) and eucalyptus for the season.  Since we took these pictures, I’ve added multiple colors of pumpkin (as seen on my Instagram).   I’ve also added a few brass bowls, a comfy pouf,  and blue and white containers. Add a few extra books to your coffee tables and a candle or two for ambiance.
  6. Throws are everywhere!  I have cashmere, wool, and knit varieties so everyone has what they need to cozy up after a long day.
  7. Don’t forget to change up your pillows (these are fun!) and add fun throw like this faux fur over your cozy bedding .


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  1. Your home looks so beautiful and romantically layered for fall, Leslie! I’m ready to move in and taste those artichokes. Thanks for the gorgeous tour. xox

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