Fall Style: What I’m wearing

Hope you are enjoying your weekend so far!  Today I’m talking about those comfy fall wardrobe staples.  Nothing is overly expensive and you can layer these pieces up for the cooler temperatures ahead!

Top | Denim | Boots | Picnic Blanket

A good pair of faded denim is one of my staple wardrobe pieces.  These at by-far the most comfortable high cut jeans I’ve ever worn.  The top is a slouchy sweatshirt material and looks really cute tucked in a little bit.  My Hunter boots have been around for years and still look perfect.


Apple picking in style ;) This breezy cotton dress with embroidery detail is so pretty and can be worn with booties or dressed up with over the knee boots.  You can even ware leggings under the dress in the winter for a fun layered look.


Velvet Top | Denim | Pumps

Velvet tops and dresses  feel and look glamorous making them perfect go-to pieces for the fall and winter festivities.  This burgundy top would look pretty over a skirt or for a more casual day, with distressed black denim and pumps.



Zip Sweatshirt | Denim | Boots | Cashmere top

My favorite uniform for fall and winter is a soft zip up hoodie (Seattle rain requires the hood) or light weight cashmere sweater.   Wear your favorite camisole or tee underneath for an added layer!

Photography by Missy Palacol

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