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 1: Sweater | 2: Sunglasses | 3: Floral Blouse | 4: Silk Blouse | 5: Denim | 6: Open toe Bootie | 7: Brow Powder 8: Cream Blush | 9: Chloe Bag | 10: Turtleneck | 11: Vest | 12: Shimmer | 13:A line skirt  | 14: Plaid Shirt 15: Facial Oil |  16: Black Bootie | 17: Basic Pump 


I’m so excited to share this post!  It’s extra long so grab a coffee or tea and relax and stay awhile:) I can’t believe we are already into September (my birthday month which I think comes around way too fast these days!)  It’s a rainy morning and I’m fortunate to be able to work from home today .. putting together this post for you!

This is the time of year that our lives get kinda crazy.  Schedules tighten as kids begin a new school year, appointments are made, fall events get planned and our homes get a good cleaning in preparation for the coming season.

Today I’m sharing my usual wardrobe picks and also some easy make up tips for your busy mornings.

A good closet edit is in order and I’ve listed some fun pieces above that will work for the coming season and also  make excellent transition pieces.  Don’t forget to refresh and update your look.  That includes hair!  Are your highlights brassy from the summer sunshine?  I know mine are and I’m taking care of that today:)  Clean your vanity area ~ toss cosmetics that are 4 to 6 months old, wash your brushes, and consider changing your skin care to reflect the seasonal change.  The trend is for a no make up look so skip the glam and go for the glow with a few basic products.  Two minutes.. yep, that’s all this should take!

  • Begin with clean skin.  I wash with a gentle cleanser and add a few drops of Facial Oil and a dab of sunscreen. If you are combination or oily you might want to skip the face oil and go with a light moisturizer.
  • Prime the skin.  Using a primer should allow you to use less foundation.  Consider using your foundation like a concealer for sheer coverage.  For more coverage try a cosmetic sponge.  Simple dampen and dab on the skin .. love this one!
  • Add a shimmer.  Adding just a little  Shimmer (my favorite) on the cheeks really brightens your look.  Remember to add just a small amount:)
  • Blushing.   I am obsessed with Cream Blush ~ dab on the apple of your cheeks, temples, and I even use it on my lips in a pinch!
  • Define the brow.

Brows are really important to your overall look.  Careful not to over pluck.  Shape and texture of our brows changes over time and typically women say they have less to work with as time goes on.  Use the guide on the left to help define your brow area.  Notice the top and bottom? Building the perfect brow line really accentuates the eyes so be patient and take the time to experiment.   Make sure to use a good brush and powder.   You can also consider permanent make up here .. it’s a game changer!



  • Lips.  A quick swipe of lip balm is all you need or you can add a liner for definition (my favorite) and a nude or pink lipstick if you have time.
  • Eyes:  Three things .. liner, mascara, and a brown shadow.  Those are the basics.  If I’m really rushed I will get one out of three, ha.



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  1. I will take one of everything you show us in this post. I love that skirt and can always use another turtleneck. Fabulous, Leslie! Good advice too, I can easily get into a rut where my “look” is concerned.
    Enjoy the weekend, that extra day is wonderful.

    1. Karen I’m so glad you got a little something out of this post:) It’s definitely easy to get stuck in ruts in all aspects of our lives. Enjoy your weekend and the extra day is pure bliss…..;)

  2. Happy birthday month to you Leslie – my son Marcels birthday is in September. Love all your picks and it is so true about brows.
    Happy Sunday

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