Friday Picks: Health and Beauty


1: Trench Coat (also love this one) | 2: Sweater (for less) | 3: Kai Roll On Oil | 4: Lace Up Flats  | 5: Jeans  | 6: Mug | 7: Pink Blooms  | 8: Nuxe Dry Oil  | 9: Wellness Tea Set | 10: Hair Spray | 11: Good To Glow

Hello Gorgeous!  Have you seen the selection of Health  and Beauty products at Anthropologie?   Check it out if you haven’t already!  Kai fragrance, a favorite from years back when I lived near the beach. It reminds me of Hawaii, a tropical blend of gardenia and exotic florals.  This cult favorite has grown into a bath and body collection.  Try it!

 Wellness is a term we hear a lot.  Wellness .. the absence of illness, yes? Trying to eat clean and use skincare that isn’t filled with preservatives and fragrance is so important.  Stay hydrated, particularly in the winter months and add plenty of fresh, colorful fruits and vegetables to your daily menu.

 Coffee is yummy in the morning but I try to switch to tea later in the day.  This Wellness Tea selection is one I’ll be trying and I also am enjoying recipes from  Good To Glow (read more about it here).  Enjoy your weekend!


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  1. Hi Leslie,
    I need a new trench coat—the drought may not be completely over here in SoCal, but it sure convinced me I’ve got to step up my rain gear. The jeans and sweater are perfect! :-)
    Enjoy the week.

    1. Hi Karen, We’ve been following the weather via my Mom that resides in Carmel. That was a long (5 years I think!) drought and I believe it’s officially over .. thank goodness! The trench coat and sweater is perfect for CA ;)

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