How to add Cozy European Charm to Your Home

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Today I’m sharing How to Add Cozy European Charm to Your Home . These carefully curated posts are so much fun to put together. As we get closer to moving into our new home, I’m spending literally hours searching for timeless pieces that will work in our new space. If you want to fill your home with timeless decor with an old world flare, you will enjoy this series!

Cozy Home Favorites

It’s Friday and I’m so excited for the weekend! Tonight we will be meeting up with friends for dinner and Saturday we have a family dinner planned. We were gifted a bottle of white wine from Maui that needs to be opened so I’ll be preparing pork kabobs, corn, and grilled vegetables to go with that. If you like pork, make sure to try my recipe for roasted pull apart pork, it’s delicious! Our Cowboy Ranch Cookies with a scoop of ice cream will be on the menu as well.

Before we start I want to give you a house update. The front porch is waiting to be stained and our contractor will be starting the patio cover soon. We received good news yesterday! The house demo will be starting a few weeks sooner, yes – we are ahead of schedule, so that’s very exciting! That’s good news but will require a bit of scrambling to get the house ready for demolition. We will be staying nearby for part of this process as not to get in the way of progress! Fortunately we have enough storage space so we can store everything here during construction. . Having close access to these items during construction will be helpful.

Our backyard deck is still waiting to be stained. We originally wanted it to be sanded down to the original wood and our plan was to stain it a natural color. Unfortunately the paint is too difficult to remove so we will repaint it. It’s taken a few weeks to choose a color. I’m not 100% sold but I think it will look good. We decided to put the cedar garden beds on the side of the deck. Our plan is to lay gravel rock down and build the planter boxes on top. The she-shed, garden room will be built next to the planters. I’ve been sharing in my Instagram stories. Speaking of stores, you are probably aware that we have a serious deer problem. They are eating all my flowers. To solve the problem we will be adding railing around the deck planter box. This will act as a partial deterrent. Last, we decided on a table and chairs for the back deck. Looking forward to sharing soon! Okay, now let’s get on to a few of my favorites!

Rattan Woven Lamp I really like these lamps, so much so that I ordered one for my great room space. The blue shade is my favorite but I’m also loving the red one.

Rustic Suitcase Side Table How fun would this be in your family room area?! It’s so unique and would make a great conversation piece.

Vintage French Barley Twist Side Table The cutest find! Those can go just about anywhere. I’m flagging this and will consider for our great room space!

Antique French Tilt Top Side Table If you are looking for a circular side table, this one is so unique. It’s hand painted and considered a rare find. If you are looking for a more cotemporary piece, check here.

White Slip Cover Sectional in Denim I can’t say enough how much we all like this couch. The slip covers remove and wash up easily. I chose denim because I knew I’d be washing the covers a few times a year because of kids and dogs. I also add a large French linen for extra protection. I chose the feathery down so the couch is super comfy to sit on.

Wicker Trunk: Having a couple wicker storage trunks is helpful! I will have one in the bedroom and another in our great room space. They fill empty spaces, are great for storage, and look pretty too!

Wall Sconce: Rather than having lots of overhead canned lighting, we are going with mainly sconces and a lamp or two. This are priced right and fit with our European decor style.

Vintage Rug: If you missed my recent vintage rug post you can see it here. I share mainly smaller rugs that can be used in small spaces or layered. I have another post here that talks about sourcing Turkish Rugs.

Painting: To off set the neutrals in our home, I’m bringing in dark woods, and artwork for the walls. There are so many options on Etsy.

Did you see anything you liked? Feel free to reach out via IM on Instagram if you have questions and I am happy to help. Enjoy your weekend!

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