How to apply make up in just five minutes

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The smokey eye and nude lip is one of my favorite looks.  Today Victoria Beckham is showing us how to apply make up in just five minutes with simple sweeps of eye shadow, an quick line, and dabs of highlighter.

Using the proper amount of shadow, applied with the correct bush (here’s what I use), anyone can achieve this look!

Oh and 2 things: Practice makes perfect and women can wear this look at any age providing the amount and placement of shadow is correct.  Consider using a light touch, taking care not to pull the skin and blend, blend, blend!

Your Essentials

  • Soft brush: I’ve tried so many shadow brushes and this one by Kjaer Weis is the best.  MAC also a nice brushes.  I have this one too.
  • Shadow Palette:  The shadow palette is a limited addition and you can get on the wait list here.  The palette looks like it contains lots of pigment however I’m sure it’s gorgeous on when used in limited amounts.   This palette from MAC is one of my favorites.  I like the burgundy, bronze, and black in the palette.  Unfortunately I’ve yet to find shadows that meet my “green beauty” standards .. so I have a mix of products.
  • Highlighter: RMS is on my “green beauty” list.  Swipe a little bit of highlighter on your cupid bow and check bones for an instant glow! Victoria is wearing her Morning Aura Illuminating Cream.
  • Liner: A soft pencil is essential especially if you plan to draw in the water line of your eye.  A light, gentle touch, applied sparingly is all you need to create a Victoria’s look.  This one by Terry has been a favorite for years.  It  glides on, spreading a smooth line of color and is easy to apply in the water line.  I also like this one by Stila.  This pencil is a soft brown color and works well for lining above the lashes for a soft, less dramatic look.
  • Nude Lip:  Victoria is wearing Brazilian Nude from her limited addition.  Pillow Talk by Charlotte Tilbury is similar and not as expensive.  Sometimes it’s worth it to spend more on a product that wears well and doesn’t make your lips feel dry,  so it’s all about what feels best on you.


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