How to create a minimalist bedroom

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If you are thinking about decluttering your home Marie Kondo style, consider starting in your bedroom!

How to create a minimalist bedroom

A simple, minimalist look not only looks pleasant, it can actually help you rest better too.  A peaceful, soft palette creates a sense of calm, allowing for better sleep, and is also easier to keep clean and clutter-free.  If you think the minimalist look is too sterile, think again!

1.  Clear your night stand and keep your floor clean

Keep your nightstand free of clutter and cell phones. Use a Philips Wake Up Alarm Clock or a small, round analog alarm clock like this one to declutter and encourage a more restful slumber.  Use baskets for storing extra throws and to add texture and color.   If you need additional storage space, think about adding an under-bed storage bin.


2.   Minimalism: have only what you need

So often we acquire things .. too many things, and then we realize we’ve accumulated clutter.  My husband and I have scaled way back over the years and try to have only what we need: our bed, side tables, a soft chair, storage baskets and  a bench at the foot of the bed.  On that, I have a  round tray that I decorate with books and seasonal items.


3. Bring in texture

Every morning I get up and make my bed immediately.  This practice really helps get me in the right frame of mind to begin and also end my day.  Neatly folded blankets and throws keep your room tidy and are aesthetically pleasing.   Lots of neutral layers are especially comforting during the winter months.  Our favorite is Pom Pom at Home bed linens. They are luxurious, eco friendly, wash well, and are cozy.  We keep our home cool at night so the comforter, coverlet, and throw all get unfolded and layered on the bed.

4. Neutral color

Our floors and walls are simple.  I have four framed pictures on one wall and that’s it.  I’ve been on the look out for something to go over the bed but haven’t found the perfect piece so I’m just leaving it.  The bay windows are covered with a simple white roman shade.  I might consider adding a layer of drape to that but haven’t committed.


For more ideas, check out Kate Zimmerman (here).


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  1. Your bedroom is lovely Leslie. I love the minimalist clutter free look but I have a long way to go to accomplish this look. I totally get how it helps to promote good sleep habits. Thanks for all the tips. Hope you have a wonderful week…….

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