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how to reuse and repurpose to decorate your home

How to re-purpose and reuse what you have to decorate your home

I’ve been more conscious as of late to not impulse buy or purchase things for our home just because they are priced well.  An item may be on sale but do I really need another pillow or vase?

So much is disposable these days and I wonder, are we filling are homes and lives with objects that truly represent who we are or simply impulse buying to make us feel better?  Definitely something to think about.

How to live a more purposeful life

First and most important is learning to simplify and live with less.  Getting rid of clutter clears the air in a figurative sense and helps foster creativity. Next, instead of buying new things for your home take a look at what you already own.

How to re-purpose and reuse what you have to decorate your home: 5 ways to decorate on a budget

  1.  Essential items and your personal style

What items really speak to you?  There’s a trend in your home, think about it.  Edit, donate, clear away clutter.   Your essentials are for daily living and should be functional and create a feeling of cozy.  One thing that’s remained the same in my decor is my love for white/neutral and wood.  For me this combination creates a feeling of warmth and coziness.  It also allows for creativity as the neutrals are the perfect backdrop for pops of seasonal colors and different textures.  We recently added a vintage pie safe that I literally brought in from storage.  It fits perfectly and is very unique.  You can find these vintage pieces on ebay! I styled the piece with a couple of books, a plant, and my favorite candle.

repurpose and reuse to decorate your home

{books (here and here), planter, candle}

       2.  Shop your home

Start with a quick home tour.  Is there anything that can be moved, mended, or re-painted for a different purpose? We recently brought in an old pie safe that was sitting in the garage for years.  I emptied out, dusted it off, and now it’s in the great room.  Not only does it warm up the room it will provide extra kitchen storage.

coastal home, vintage ironstone, canning jars, tablescape, spring, design on a budget

(details on this spring table, here)

style on a budget, home decor, homesteading, coastal living, vintage ironstone
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       3.  Look for vintage pieces and add real wood

You can purchase vintage pieces on ebay and etsy for a fraction of the cost of similar store bought items.  Some of the best pieces are those that have been handed down from prior generations.  “They just don’t make them like they used to” … agree?  I treasure my vintage cutting boards and ironstone pitchers and constantly reuse and re-purpose them for styling in our kitchen and farm house table.

             4.  Art on a budget

If you like vintage art, look here for some fun pieces to create a grouping of pictures.  If you prefer a more contemporary style try this site, and I also like this one.

Once you receive your print or painting there are a few framing options.  Rather than spending a lot to have it custom framed I recently discovered this company.  ArtToFrames does a great job and seem budget friendly.  The flower picture on my mantle is new and the frame was repurposed.  I have another floral picture that’s waiting for the frame I ordered:)

style on a budget, vintage furniture, home decor on a budget, homestead,

5.  Check your garden shed and decorate with nature

I brought in this watering can and placed in on one of the shelves in our family room along with  terracotta pots.  So easy and not too costly.  Try filling a pot with greenery and then stacking a few empty containers nearby. Plants help purify the air we breath and objects such as  ceramics or terracotta pots up the cozy factor in any room.  Make an afternoon out of foraging! Bring in budding branches and add them to a large  vase.  Place the branches in the center of your island to make a statement or in the corner to create cozy.  Use a vintage stool or stump as a side table to rest your morning coffee.  Adding wood, greenery, and foraged branches to your home will help create cozy and bring feelings of peace and calm to your home.

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