How to Source Vintage Garden and Patio Accessories

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Hello Friends! How was your week? Mine was a busier than usual. My husband has been traveling, and my work schedule coupled with our current living situation, has been crazy. My husband and I work as a team and when he’s not here more falls on my shoulders particularly with our renovation project pending. Speaking of reno projects, we meet with our contractor, windows, and cabinets folks next week!! Apparently everyone is doing kitchen remodels so cabinetry is taking anywhere from 4 to 6 months to arrive. The timing of the cabinets will drive the rest of the project. We will try to stay in the house for the majority of the construction. It will be very inconvenient as we live out of bins and limited use of the house, so I’m not looking forward to that part but we’ve been through this before so we know what we’re in for. It’s always better to be on-sight or close by during these large projects as something always needs attention. I’ll keep you posted on our progress via my instagram stories.

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite Vintage Garden and Patio Accessories. Everything I’ve picked out is either something I currently own or would like in our new home. Searching the Web or Etsy for unique finds is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. When I finally find something I like it goes right here so I can keep track of items I’m considering and to share with you! Let’s start with chairs!

Adirondack Chair: We have two and I love them. Ours were painted white years ago. They’ve weathered, but that just adds character!

Wicker Chair: I also have two wicker chairs. They are super cozy with a pillow or two.

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Classic Bird Feeder: We have several bird feeders. Each attracts a specific group of birds, some that need repopulating in our area. It’s fun to see the American Gold Finch (one we seldom see these days) come visit our yard!

Modern Farmhouse Tickling Pillow: I have a few of these!! They are a must for the yard and also inside on a chair or couch.

Vintage Duck Garden Statue: How adorable is this duck statue?! Ducks are tending so go grab one for you shelf or yard!

French Country Garden Box: These are so sweet and can be used for gardening tools or flowers.

Vintage Cast Iron Fountain: I’d love to have one of these outside!

Watering Can: A vintage watering can can be used for watering or growing flowers. Either way, they are functional and pretty.

Vintage Christeninng Cup: Found at a flea market in Lyon, this Christening cup can be used on your dresser to hold jewelry or set on your patio table and filled with herbs or flowers.

I hope you found something that you liked or inspired you to create a cozy, outdoor garden or patio space.

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