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Vintage, chippy, shabby, country French, antiques ..  in the forest is today’s theme. 

My mom used to say ..”it makes me sad” to see you use your Grandmother’s china.  Now she thinks differently.

Live in the moment

The flowers from the forest, a newborn kitten, an old french table (oh how I’d love to know who owned this piece years ago!) and my Grandma’s dishes.  It feels so good to feel the dirt beneath my feet and the sting of a thorny blackberry vine.  This is life, right now, unfolding in a peaceful, beautiful way.

The table is from the French countryside.  It was an Annie Smith find that I bought from her years ago.  She’s wildly famous now, and I can’t believe I have a few of her pieces! It’s a funny story how this came to be.  One day I picked up a magazine with one of her first kitchen remodels.  In the back of the magazine was her name and a phone number.  So I picked up the phone and called the number.  Guess who answered?  Yep, you guessed it and the rest is history.  She was so sweet and I feel honored to have met her back in the day ;)  Anyway, we had a leaf built in and then I sanded the whole table down and painted it white.  The chairs arrived white and the seat covers are fun to use when I feel like dressing things up.

The beautiful china was given to me by my Grandmother.  Back in her day, it was common for the bride to receive a full set (service for 12) of wedding china.  When I say full set I mean a separate plate for each course, so that’s a lot of dishes!  Rather than keeping the dishes in storage for fear of breaking them, I use them all the time.  It’s not my nature to have items that are off-limits or reserved for guests only.  Yes I’ve lost a few but I know that my Grandmother is watching  and smiles whenever I use them.  The detail on the dishes is so pretty and I love the way they look on my French table.  I added monogrammed linens and blackberry branches mixed with local flowers (compliments @firstandbloom) to create this gorgeous organic tablescape. The sweet kitten belongs to my daughter.  If you follow me on instagram, you know the story.  Her name is Summer and she is a rescue kitty.

Thank you for visiting me today!  These beautiful photos were captured by @missy.palacol  and the beautiful flowers come from @firstandbloom.  I am so thankful for these two wonderful ladies for helping to create this heart-felt post.

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  1. Leslie, Such a beautiful table and your grandma’s china is so pretty. They are priceless pieces knowing your grandma loved them and it shows in your picture. When my husband served in Vietnam he was able to buy his mother a beautiful set of china. I inherited them from her and they mean so much knowing my husband bought such a wonderful gift for my mother in law that she loved immensely. I too try to use them as much as I can. I hope your family was able to enjoy a lovely meal in the midst of nature. Hugs, Peggy

    1. Big thanks to your husband for his service. My SIL is a Westpoint grad that served for 8 years. He is currently undergoing the exit process. Being a military family is tough .. How wonderful that he was able to buy a set of china for his mother and that you have them now. Such a wonderful gift. Hugs, leslie

  2. Honestly the most beautiful piece I’ve read in a while. I am keeping your whole family in my prayers. Thank you for reminding us all what’s really important in life ❤️

  3. Leslie, such a lovely post to talk a little about living life. Sorry for the loss of your dads. How lovely you have your mother-in-law’s china to enjoy. I have a few pieces of my moms and my mil’s. Always enjoy the memories when i bring them out. Beautiful photography and the kitten is adorable. If I haven’t told you, I love your new look on your blog. Enjoy your week…….

    1. Thanks so much Emily :) The china is actually my Grandmothers so it’s probably 70 years old! I love using it, especially during the fall and winter holidays. Hugs, leslie

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