Kitchen color trends: is white out?

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10: Sheep Skin Rug | 11: Grey Rug

Hi Everyone! 

Just in case you missed the breaking news ;)  .. the all white kitchen trend is supposed to be out and more color is in!

What do you think?  Are you an all white fan or wanting more color?

Regardless of trends, my opinion is that white kitchens will never look dated.  It’s a classic look that never goes out of style.  As far as color goes, I’m liking the touches of blue, grey, and black.

When we started our home renovation it was a huge decision deciding how far to go with the marble and white paint in the kitchen.   We ended up painting the cabinets white and the base of our island black, and then added the calcutta marble counter tops and tile back splash.  Our range is an Ilve Majestic in black with oil rubbed bronze hardware.  The white cabinets are offset by the black oven and island.  We added oak floors rather than tile to create warmth.   I still have more tiling to do in the kitchen and enough overall white that I can add in different colors when I want to change the look up.

What are your favorite colors in the kitchen?



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  1. your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous! i can’t imagine paying attention to trends beyond maybe some accents when it comes to a kitchen–way too expensive to update or risk turning away a buyer if you have to move. classic white all the way, come what may! xox

    1. Yes, I agree Michele. You can always add accent pieces to bring in color. It’s interesting the variety of colors that I’ve been seeing ~ greens, blues, and grey being the most trendy. When we started the renovation I had a white, bright kitchen in mind. In hind sight I wish I done a few things differently. I should have had my tile guy continue the marble back splash ALL around the sink/window area. I can still do this but it will require my husband’s help and scheduling a time to start the project is next to impossible. My valence over the sink ~ I don’t like it. It should have been mounted differently and it’s too heavy. I had Tina work with me on this and at the time she was just starting to do consulting. E Design is a lot different now and things should have been done differently. I should have put open cabinets on either side of my range. I decided at the time that we needed the closed storage space instead. I would have also liked my floors to be just a bit lighter. At the time I was worried about too much white/light and now I regret not doing more. Crazy right? Our next project is open shelving on either side of the fireplace. I want those chunky ones and they will probably have to be custom. (rambling too much! ;)

  2. Hi Leslie,
    When we first moved into our home (35 years ago!) we immediately painted the kitchen white. I loved it for years and years. Then when we remodeled we thought we wanted to go with wood stain. I do love it but am determined that my next kitchen will be white once again! You’re right, it’s classic and always looks fresh.

    1. Hi Karen, Yes:) you really can’t go wrong going all white. When we did our renovation we decided to paint all the walls white with a touch of grey. This would be our baseline color and then we could change over time if we wanted to. We went lighter with our floors too although I wish I’d gone even lighter. I do regret not putting open cabinets on either side of my range however at the time we felt we needed the closed cabinet storage. I’d also like to have had more back splash around the sink/wall area. This can easily be added but finding time to do it (my husband will do it:) is a challenge. I should have done it from the get-go. Oh well ~ live and learn:)

  3. Oh my gosh . . . that first image with the brick! GORGEOUS!

    My simple little kitchen has always been white with a rotation of color accessories. When I became a grandmother, I added a few pops of red as a tribute to my grandmother’s kitchen. Her kitchen was all white with . . . a . . . red ceiling! As a child, I LOVED her red ceiling!

    (I did not paint my ceiling red.)

    The pops of red are now limited to only pieces of Le Creuset set atop open stainless shelves above the mixing station in the corner. My children and grandchildren have been gifting the pieces to me over the past six years.

    My tribute to my Italian grandmother’s kitchen is not likely most fashionable, however, I find at this stage in my life, I style to reflect and evoke warm feelings and memories. (My children and grandchildren love the red.)

    To heck with trends! I always cringe and wish to burn images of 34 during early 90’s. (The audacity of bringing even a hint of country into our Pacific Northwest contemporary.)

    Your kitchen is a dream kitchen, Leslie!
    That sink with it’s view into the woods . . .
    . . . a forever beautiful!

    1. Hi Lynne!

      Thank you for taking the time to come by and say hi:) How sweet to pay tribute to your Gramma with the pops of red.. Trends seem to matter less as time goes on because, as you say ~ we like our style to evoke warm memories. xoL

  4. Of course I think you have the most beautiful kitchen! I always wanted a white kitchen so when we decided to do a kitchen facelift I went all white with a black island. It turned out exactly as I planned, so happy I finally did it! I don’t really follow popular trends, just do what I love so If white kitchens are out it doesn’t bother me. My problem, I love all the other kitchens here too. Now, if I had a second home I could do one of these beautiful kitchens, love the brick in the first photo. Happy Sunday Leslie…..

    1. I love the brick too Emily! Yes I agree, most important is to determine what you truly love and then you can add trendy things in that aren’t of much value. I’m fairly sure I’d tire of the green or red kitchen look and wish I’d just gone neutral;) Enjoy your Monday!

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