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Happy Thursday Everyone!  Hope your week has been a productive one with a little bit of fun here and there;)  Tomorrow is Friday and that means we pause for just a bit and hopefully have the opportunity for some personal time.

When we were going through the renovation process, choosing the right sink and faucet was a huge decision for me.  I ultimately went with a Shaw’s Original single sink because I entertain a lot and wanted a large, durable space for my dishes.  If you want to keep your clean dishes in the sink, a double sink might be a better idea.  Regardless, choose something that you feel will make your life easier and most important, choose one that is durable!

My faucet is a vintage double hand Whitehaus in bronze to match my kitchen accessories.  When we began our renovation process I quickly realized this would be a never ending project .. and it is.  Almost two years later and we are still not finished with details.   My plan is to continue the marble black splash above the kitchen sink and finish our hood.  Patience ..

Regardless of where you are with your kitchen ;) adding  pretty towels, vases, soaps, and trays freshens the look and makes cleaning so much more pleasurable!   I love marble on marble so I’ve got a small marble tray near the faucet to hold a candle and hand soap.  Just this simple trio makes the counter look so pretty!



Fire Clay Kitchen Sink |  Bridge Faucet | Hand Soap |Turkish Towel /(or this one ) | Coral Area Rug

White Under Mount Sink | Single Hand Pull Down Faucet  | Jute area rug Mrs. Meyers Dish Soap |Turkish Towel /(or this one )

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  1. Great choices. We are making a few changes to our kitchen, nothing major, but things that make it work better for us. Need to pick up a few new accessories to finish it off. Just got my Pop Rewards from the Container Store, so I want to try a few of the Laundress products. I wish we had chosen a single sink, but because of the disposal we went with two separate.

  2. I’m just curious as to where/how you put any dishes that have been hand washed and are drying? Pots? Do you use a drying rack at all or just dry them all immediately? It’s always an issue and one everyone deals with differently! We ultimately got a double sink so as to have the drain rack in the right hand sink. Would love to hear others’ opinions!

    1. Hi Libby, Yes;) I use a drying rack or linen/towel. There are times when my kitchen is crowded and I feel like I don’t have a spot for clean dishes .. so nothing is perfect I guess :)

  3. Leslie,
    I love your kitchen. I’ve been on the fence about a single sink. I like the idea of placing all of the dishes in the sink for rinsing and such, but wonder if it would be the right set up for me. We entertain a lot too. :-)

    1. Hi Karen, Yes;) there are pros and cons to both. The large sink is great because it will hold everything until you are ready to deal with it. The double size allows for you to have an area for clean dishes. You loose the ability to store large items though .. decisions!

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