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Happy Tuesday Everyone!

I get asked daily what make up and skin care products I use.  Fact is there are so many wonderful products available it’s tough to play favorites. We are all unique in our skin care needs, so the challenge is to figure out what works best for you. Something to keep in mind is that because our skin is always changing, our needs change, so what once worked ~ may no longer. 

 One of my skin care goals for 2017 is to take a closer look at what I’m putting on my skin.  I’ve been slowly weeding out products with preservatives and dyes and switching to healthier alternatives.  Because beautiful skin starts on the inside, I continue to emphasize the importance of taking care of yourself on the inside too;)  to keep the glow at any age.


Reading labels can be difficult as the ingredient lists are often lengthy and chemical names can sound complicated. For example the chemical name for coconut oil is Cocos nucifera and Vitamin E is tocopherol.   Preservatives are necessary for product safety and they are not all bad. Did you know that any product containing water requires a preservative unless it’s refrigerated? So where to begin??  Let’s just keep it simple;)  Look for added fragrance .. this is a loop hole and manufacturers can hide a lot under this category. If you have a reaction to a product or are just generally sensitive to cosmetics, fragrance free products might be the best choice for you.  Consider choosing products free of petroleum, parabens (read more here), artificial coloring and fragrance.

Less Make Up

If skin is acne prone or generally problematic, the temptation is to cover the imperfections.  So first order of business is to have healthy skin.  If we take steps to create a glowing complexion we are less likely to put too much make up on.

Begin with Clean Skin

 Begin with a gentle wash.  Try something like Ecco Bella Cleansing Gel or Tata Harper Refreshing Cleanser and  moisturize with a lite moisturizer like Ecco Bella or if you’re dry, apply a few drops of May Lindstrom Youth Dew and follow with your favorite sunscreen.

Highlight and add Color

RMS Illuminizer on the cheek bones for an instant glow and follow with a swipe of Kjaer Weiss on the apples of your cheeks and temples.    Love this product;)   It’s certified organic and enriched with anti-aging Jojoba Seed Oil, Beeswax and moisturizing Sweet Almond Seed Oil.  It’s also contains no petroleum, parabens, artificial coloring or fragrance.

Create a Natural Lip Line

Apply a balm and brush on your favorite lip color.

To define the lip boarder, try Lip Cheat by Charlotte Tilbury.


Curl, and apply  a quick swipe of mascara.

Phyto-Pigment Mascara:  Nutrient-rich mascara powered by intense plant-derived Phyto-Pigments for a feathery-soft look and feel after every smooth coat.  The formula is non-drying and leaves lashes clump-free :)

Tarte Mascara:  Created with Amazonian clay this mascara treats your lash concerns, keeping them hydrated, and healthier and delivering the appearance of gorgeous lashes.

Roll on Rose 31

Spray perfumes are often over powering.  Have you tried a roll on?   Rose 31 is what I’m wearing now.


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    1. Hi Lauren, ..yes I’ve heard good things about Beauty Counter products. There are lots of great products and it’s fun to mix things up and try new things. xo L

  1. the healthy makeup ingredients became important to me a few years back and is why i began using votre vu…still one of my must have brands since it is made in small batches and so very clean. it takes more work and cash to glow now! if only i had known! xox

    1. Yes! I remember vu and it is a wonderful product. I know what you mean about the prices… Building a good home care plan over time is the best way:)

  2. Leslie,
    I find a product and end up sticking to it—I think it’s in part because it’s so hard to know if that product will work for my skin type and if it doesn’t a large chunk of change is out the window. I am slowly converting to more chemical free products. Thanks for the list, it’s nice to look into some that are talked about besides the label.

    1. Hi Karen, Yes .. by all means stick with what works for you:) Sometimes internal and external factors can change our skin .. making it so what once worked, does not longer. I’ve also seen women develop sensitivity issues that they’ve used for years. It’s interesting ;) and always good to stay in the loop. Hope your week is going well! xo

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