Nature Inspired kitchen and great room updates

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Nature Inspired Great Room and Kitchen Updates

With the first day of spring a week away I thought it would be fun to share my fresh, nature inspired great room and kitchen updates. Today I’m teaming up with Pottery Barn to share a few of my favorite spring additions.

It’s probably not surprising that you won’t find me loading my shopping cart up at my local discount store with seasonal decor.  My preference is always to use as much natural, handmade, and nature inspired objects such as clay and stone, and handmade pottery.  All of these items are timeless or in the case of actual plants, can be planted outside once the weather warms up.

Nature Inspired Great Room and Kitchen Updates

  • Start with flowers and fruit

Faux or fresh flowers?  I use primarily fresh and will occasionally mix in faux.  Adding a few faux pieces to a fresh bouquet can help cut the cost when preparing a centerpiece.  There are also times when it’s slim picking at my local market.  In that case I might use a faux branch like these gorgeous cherry blossoms from Pottery Barn.

  • Check your local nursery for potted plants that can later be replanted in your garden

A few days ago  I went to our local nursery and picked up organic planting soil,  herbs, and lavender to add to my indoor garden.  The potted plants live longer than freshly cut market flowers and you have the option of planting them outdoors when the weather warms up.  Next I stopped at my local market to purchase a large bag of oranges and greenery for my round dough bowl.  This is a wonderful decor item that can be used on your center island or kitchen table.  Dough bowls are versatile pieces that are fun to decorate seasonally.  I love the smell of citrus and having fresh fruit on the counter encourages my family to eat my fruit.

  • Baskets

I put my fiddle leaf tree in this seagrass basket and totally love the way it looks!  This Savannah Tote  can be used for toy or craft storage too. Always try to have green plants in your home as they can help keep the air clean. Here is a list of the top 5 plants that improve indoor air quality.

  • Pillows

Changing out my velvet and and faux sheepskin pillow covers for crisp linen, and this beige stripe pattern freshens up my couch for springtime.  I always purchase good quality covers so I can give them a good washing seasonally.

  • Throws

We use throws year round here in the Pacific Northwest.  My heavy throws are in storage and I added this cozy chenille throw in ivory to the couch. It’s so soft and the perfect weight as we transition into warmer days.  The ivory color is perfect against the crisp denim white fabric on the sectional .

  • Coffee Table

Less is more for me.  I added a candle, a couple books, a stone bowl, and a plant. When it comes to styling, don’t overthink it. I always have something live on the table.


  • Freshen up your favorite kitchen

I added a marble pedistal to hold my daily cooking supplies. I like having a few essentials for meal prep at easy reach. This piece creates a beautiful display for my favorite kitchen pieces or can be a stand alone serving tray. Either way it’s both pretty and practical. In the center of my range

I filled a pitcher with flowers and set it on a wood serving tray on my range.  I like the pop of spring color in unexpected places.

At the sink I added a cute sponge holder and saucepan brush.  The Saucepan Brush was designed specifically for removing food and grease from your pan, and it really works! The Stiff bristle brush is another tool that I keep near the sink. Both brushes are made of French beech-wood and have flexible fibers designed to handle heavy duty cleaning.

  • Seating

Years ago I made an unfortunate quick shopping decision that did not turn out well.  I purchased three counter stools that were awkward, too large, and the fabric on the seats got stained immediately. Other than that I liked them .. just kidding.   Needless to say I was so excited when Pottery Barn sent me these new stools!  They are perfect for the space and I no longer have to worry about spills on the seats.  A quick wipe and we’re good to go.  They are also slightly bowed in the seat, making them super comfortable to sit on.  I like the way they tuck under the counter giving us more space to move around the great room.  If you are in the market for counter stools these are well made and currently on sale!



Watch our Nature Inspired Spring Great Room Tour!


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  1. Hi Leslie, your great room looks beautiful and ready for Spring! My husband teases me about switching out my pillows and bedding for the change of seasons. My fiddle is in a seagrass basket from PB similar to yours..I like that I can move the plant easily when I need to clean behind it.
    How nice of Pottery Barn to gift you the bar stools.! I always liked your other ones (love Chinoiserie) but I think these compliment your decor better.

  2. Also, I made your Lemon Artichoke Pasta last night, it was delicious! (my hubby loved it too) I found some marinated grilled artichoke hearts at Trader Joe’s. :o)

  3. Hi, the links no longer work. I’d like to purchase the sectional. Which PB sectional is pictured. It’s amazing how your living room is exactly what I’ve pictured in my mind for myself. I love your style.

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