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In January it feels good to start fresh and reset our minds and bodies.   Too much sugar, rich, buttery comfort food can leave us with a heavy feeling.   Rather than an extreme cleanse, I simply re-stock the refrigerator and pantry with healthy, whole food options and reduce sugar, caffeine, and alcohol.  

 January is my month to start the year off freshputting last year behind and focusing on how I will use previous experiences to create a better tomorrow for me and my family.  To begin I  prepare a written or mental list of intentions.  Keeping my list relatively short and not too lofty works best for me.  Next, I check in with my partner.  What’s he thinking and how can we dovetail our intentions to enable us to continue to grow together.


Top 6 Intentions


Check in with my partner.


Maintaining healthy personal relationships is vital for not only me personally but also to keep the family unit strong.   It’s not just about my mind and body, it’s also about his.  Time to check in and have a conversation about anything that might have been pushed to the side or swept under the rug;)   I will continue to speak my mind  and respect his love language.   (Love Language, the book ~ it’s a must)


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Reduce waste, purchase less, and organize.


This means fewer things in general and also less shopping .. period.  Whenever I clean out my drawers I realize how often I purchase something I already have (and forgot about it) or that I don’t really need.


Limit cell phone and computer time.


My intention is to turn off my computer after dinner and when the kitchen is clean.  Whatever time is left is best spent with family and creating a bedtime ritual to allow for a good night’s rest.  I’d also like to take one day off a week from social media (lofty goal but worth trying).   I feel like people walk around with their heads in the clouds, playing with their phones and documenting their every move during the day for Instagram.  I understand that some of us need to use computers and cells phones for work but where do you draw the line as to when to stop?  Balance and moderation is something to think about.



When I was a young mom I recall a time when I would rise at 4:30 a.m. to start my day.  It went something like this:  get the kids up, feed them breakfast, drive them to school, head to the office,  and  return home for the evening routine.   It was an exhausting time!  Too much coffee, not eating the right foods or getting enough rest was the norm.  Fast forward a decade and I found myself in a state of adrenal fatigue and I was a hormonal mess.   Doing it ALL is possible .. just not all at once.   If I could give a few words of advice to a younger version of myself I’d say be kind to yourself,  slow down, take it easy, and read this book

 I have the diet/exercise thing down most of the time although January seems to have hit me with sugar withdrawal symptoms that need to be curbed immediately.  I’m allowing myself a couple weeks to get back on track and easing back into my old routine.  Taking baby steps is the key to success in the diet department!  Plant based diets (read my article here if you are interested) and vegetarian cooking bloggers are everywhere on social media.  Going totally plant based isn’t for me however I do follow the basic template and only consume ethically raised, organic poultry and beef.    A couple months ago I started to increase my resistance training and will continue to work on that.  Women do not develop bulky muscles like men so go ahead and lift (carefully) to build  healthy bones and to increase the rate in which your body burns calories.   I will continue my indoor/outdoor cardio activities such as group exercise classes, running, and trail walking.  Exercising early in the day is good for circadian rhythm and helps us sleep better at night so I try to squeeze in a walk with Layla if possible.

Here are a few of my favorite cookbooks .. those that I use regularly.  This one I saw today and I think I will order it on Amazon to add to the collection!



Self Care and beauty.


Over the years we’ve made great strides developing clean beauty products that actually work!  This year I plan to start the transition to clean beauty make up.  In the past it’s been a challenge to find make up the I like but I’m going to try again!  I’ll be sharing my findings as I go along.   On beauty, once again I’d like to be a younger version of myself giving me advice.  I would say be okay to not be perfect.  Beauty truly does come within and what people notice most is the twinkle in your eyes and the healthy glow of your skin.

Resources for clean beauty products:  here





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