five secrets to having beautiful hair

Beautiful, voluminous hair is gorgeous and makes us feel pretty and feminine.  As long as my hair looks healthy and full of life, I will keep some of the length. Today I’m sharing my secrets to having beautiful hair.

Like skin, hair is dynamic, changing over time and impacted by exposure to harsh chemicals and weather conditions.

Over the years I’ve tried numerous hair care products and have come up with a list of my favorites.  These are brands I trust and use daily or weekly to keep my hair healthy and looking its best.

Five Secrets to Having Beautiful Hair:


Shampoo, condition, treat

Most importantly I try not to wash my hair more than once or twice a week.  This allows for natural oils to work in, acting as a natural conditioner.  Shampooing less also means my hair spends less time under heat from blow dryers, straighteners, and the like, all of which can damage hair.  In between washes I spray dry shampoo on my roots and it really helps to freshen up my hair.  When it comes to shampoo  I choose a brand that I trust and know is gentle, hydrating, and sulfate free.  Oribe is a rock star in this department and my personal favorite.  The Serene Shampoo and Conditioner line is gentle, moisturizing, and the perfect choice for dry hair and skin.

Oh and I have to mention their signature scent, Cote d’Azur!  It’s the perfect morning wake-up call, afternoon pick-me-up and evening mood-setter with hints of fresh citrus, cederwood, and amber.

Now let’s talk about price.  Why spend the extra $ on hair care products?  To answer that question I spoke with Master Stylist Elle Levene from Chromatique Salon.

According to Elle~

“Lines like Oribe have higher quality ingredients and are far more concentrated than drug store shampoo and conditioners. They are also free of harsh surfactants and parabens that can damage and strip out hair color. Oribe, as a brand, puts in a lot of thought and research before releasing products. Ingredients like Bioflavonoids that are responsible for giving fruit their natural bright hues are added to protect color from discoloration and fading. Not to mention the fragrance is an indulgence in itself. I always explain to my clients that proper hair care and products will protect the investment that is your hair. It’s kind of like paying a ton to go see a personal trainer and doing intense workouts and being handed your meal plan and then going home and eating cake. The products a stylist recommends are like a prescription, we know your hair and what it needs to stay healthy and beautiful.”


Avoid over-processing, hydrate, and protect your hair

To keep my hair healthy, Elle suggested I try Balayage for highlights.  This is a technique whereby color is “painted” on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect.  I get this done three times a year and then all I need to do is touch up my roots every now and then.  Balayage has allowed my to go longer between appointments and that’s the goal, less processing!

Besides over-processing, heat can also damage hair so I make sure to use a conditioner, leave-in serum and cream to protect my hair during the styling process.

 Serene Scalp Soothing Leave-On Treatment

Exfoliation is important!  This product is fast-absorbing and exfoliates with gentle beta hydroxy acid.  The mint and chamomile cools and soothes your skin while helping with occasional dryness.

 My hair tends to be course and frizzy so I apply Smoothing Blowout Cream after gently coming out my towel dried hair.   The less heat the better, so allow your hair to dry naturally when you can. When styling, use tools that are ceramic to help disperse heat evenly and lock in moisture.  To finish my hair I like Oribe’s Texturizing Spray

The Packaging!

Packaging is a sign of what a consumer can except from the brand.  Details are everything, the color and shape of the bottle fit right in with the rest of my products making this the perfect modern-day bathroom accessory. I love it when the products are as beautiful as the formulas themselves.  Best part? The bottles are eco-friendly and printed with vegetable inks!


Use a wide-toothed comb

Avoid tugging or brushing your hair when it’s wet.  Towel dry and comb out starting from your ends and working upwards.

Invest in a wide toothed comb like this one.  


Braid or pin up your hair when you sleep

A soft braid or a twist on the top with a banana clip will help you retain your style.  This banana clip is my favorite and I also like using a silk pillow case.


Nutrition for hair

Common sense tells us that making good food choices will help our skin glow and keep our hair healthy, strong, and shiny.

  • Eat foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids like wild caught fish, avocado, nuts, and seeds.
  • Dark greens leafy vegetables and dried beans contain iron that help keep our hair lustrous and shiny.
  • Hair is made up of protein so it’s fitting that eating foods rich in protein like eggs, legumes, meat, and fish are necessary for overall hair health.

For more details and to shop the products, click on the images below!



*This post was in collaboration with Chromatique Salon.  All opinions are my own.



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