soft as a babies..

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hi beauties!

This sweet photo inspired me to create today’s blog post!  Nothing is as beautiful and soft as the skin of a baby.  Collagen production and rapid cell turnover help keep our skin soft as a babies…;)  Unfortunately we loose about 1% of our collagen each year once we reach our mid twenties and as we mature, cellular turnover {of the outer layer of our skin} slows down causing us to loose some of our youthful glow.  

 There is a lot we can do to stimulate our skin into action!

Keeping it simple :)  If your skin is healthy and not irritated for any reason, a weekly exfoliation can be a nice addition to your skincare routine.  Always begin with clean skin. Try a make up removal wipe to get the first layer off ;) or if you have mature or dry skin try a Nourishing Oil Cleanser  .  For gentle exfoliation May Lindstrom has lovely products and another favorite is this Honey Mask .

  • Begin with clean skin and create a calm environment.  I like to use this room spray by Mio Skincare for the aromatherapy benefits.
  • Have your favorite  Plush Towels and a washcloth nearby.  How cute is this  Halle Basket?
  • Light a candle (my recent favorite is Candlefish Candle).
  • Take a warm bath and use your favorite Bath Caddy.
  • Massage your favorite body or face scrub into your skin and rinse:)



  1: Enzyme Exfoliator |2: REN Sugar Body Polish |3: Mollow Blossom Bubble Bath |  4:  Halle Basket | 5: Rose Face Cream   |6:Candlefish Candle| 7: Bath Caddy  | 7: Plush Towels






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  1. Leslie,
    I’m ready for all of these products. It’s been a very cold (for us) winter and we’ve run the heater more than usual…my skin needs some TLC. :-)
    Enjoy your week and thank you for always providing great ideas and great products for us to try.

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