Summer Make Up Tips

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Summer Make Up Tips

Before we dive into summer make up tips, make sure you review my skincare routine blog post if you haven’t already.  I’m usually in a rush in the morning so my skin care + make up routine has to be quick and simple.  If you aren’t used taking the time to care for your skin and apply make up, the process will start out taking longer than you think.  Over time you will be able to move through the steps faster and everything will look better. Whatever your routine, begin first by applying make up to clean and hydrated (moisturized) skin for the prettiest result.

When I had my make up done recently for our television segment, the make up artist used this primer before she applied foundation and I’ve been using it ever since.  If you find that your make up appears to be “gone” over the course of the day, try primer first!

Primer + Foundation + Blender

I switch up my foundation.  If I have been using self tanner or had a spray tan I use Hourglass foundation.  Otherwise I use this foundation in cool beige.  Mineral make up is sometimes a good option if you are acne prone or have sensitive skin.

Blend your make up with this.  Make sure to use it DAMP.

I like my skin to show though my foundation so I don’t like full coverage products or finishing powders.

Bronzer + Blush

If you like to contour, this is the best product I’ve found. When applying contour, apple the darker color in the hollow of the cheeks, temples, and along the bridge of the nose.  The lighter color should be applied above that.

I add this bronzer to areas on my face where the sun would naturally touch, apples of the cheeks, nose, and temples.  This is my favorite brush and I also like this one.

This blush is one of my favorites.  It’s soft, subtle, and easy to build if you’d like to add a bit more color.  Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks.

I apply this to the inner corners of my eyes and around the lower part of my nose to even out my skin tone.

Eyes + Brows

Properly groomed brows are so important to help frame your face. If you have full brows (lucky you!) make sure to take good care of them and don’t over pluck.  Have a professional show you how to pluck and trim if you aren’t sure how to do it.  If you have mature skin, then you are probably noticing a reduction in overall brow growth and the ones you do have may be a bit unruly.  Use a proper brow brush, brow powder, and finish with this.

I apply liner sparingly.  There are a couple ways to do this.  If you are fairly skilled with make up application, apply your liner (carefully) to the water line.  This is the area between your lashes and your eye. Doing this makes your lash line look fuller and makes your eye color pop! You can do this to the upper and/or lower waterline.

Love this mascara!  It makes my lashes look long and healthy and isn’t irritating.

This liner is a must for every women and I also like this one.

For summer I’m loving this lip color.

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      1. Hi Leslie, I had made a prior comment on Chrome that didn’t go through, said it was blocked…seems like I can only comment on Firefox now for some reason. I was just happy you did the makeup post, I haven’t had any luck using Anastasia Brow Wiz. I have blonde eyebrows and it never looks natural and wears off after awhile. I will have to make a trip to Sephora and try some of the Powder Duo. And I love my beauty blender! :)


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