Winter Blues and forcing bulbs

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Forcing bulbs is easy and an inexpensive way to keep your home bright and cheery during the winter months.  Pacific Northwest winters can be so dreary and seasonal depression disorder can be a problem for some.  Besides getting outside everyday, regardless of the weather, I keep live and cut foliage in my home.  There is something seeing greenery or flowers that really helps beat the winter blues.




Hyacinth is one of my favorites this time of year.  They are super fragrant and come in a variety of colors.  Mini-Daffodils are a sunny yellow and grow quickly.

Begin by potting the bulbs in a clean, dry container. Do not bury the bulbs.  The bulb “nose” should be exposed and the soil should be a mix of peat moss and garden mulch.  Some gardeners recommend adding sand to the mix however I’ve never done that and always have good luck with my bulbs.

If you are filling a 6-inch pot, try adding 6 tulips, a few hyacinths, 12 crocus, and 6 daffodils.  I used small containers for my bulbs and set them on the mantle.  Because I was late planting my bulbs, I decided to purchase flowers that had already started to grow.  So easy!


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  1. Good post and timely…I love nothing more than spring flowers and am counting down the days!!
    Hyacinths are not only so pretty and smell soooo good. Any idea how to keep them from falling over when they get too heavy?
    Don’t get around much to my fave blogs but wanted to say hi!

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