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Raised under the endless sunshine of Southern California and now immersed in the verdant, ever-changing beauty of the Pacific Northwest, my life has a been rich in contrasts and growth. I’m Leslie—nutritionist, aesthetician, mother, and storyteller at heart. My passion lies at the intersection of wellness and storytelling, where each day is an opportunity to blend my background with the art of intentional living.

Here, I share stories that resonate, from wholesome recipes crafted with love to home and style inspiration for a life lived more fully.

I invite you to explore Lemon Grove Lane, a blog where creating a home goes beyond the physical space; it’s about nurturing growth, celebrating change, and weaving the threads of daily life into a narrative that inspires and connects.

What I'm


Lemon Grove Lane captures my life and philosophy, blending the steady pulse of the seasons with a thoughtful approach to home living and recipe creation. It’s a space where I explore the art of intentional living—how to savor moments with family and cultivate a home that adapts and grows with nature’s cycles. Infused with the essence of California’s eternal sunshine and the contemplative rhythm of the Pacific Northwest, this blog celebrates the dynamic nature of life. I invite you to embrace this dance of change, finding ways to incorporate it into your own lifestyle and living spaces.

What I


I believe in a style that’s as undefined as it is deliberate, where ‘old world’ meets ‘timeless’, ‘country’ meets ‘coastal’, and where every piece tells a story. My California upbringing brings a touch of coastal elegance to our Pacific Northwest home, celebrating the richness of local food and the great outdoors, all while nurturing family at the center of it all.

What I'm


Every day offers new insights into the art of living well, from the balance of a multifaceted career to the simple pleasures of home life. Through my blog, I’m sharing these experiences, offering recipes, renovation tips, and reflections on productivity, with the goal of inspiring others to live their best life and find tranquility in their own spaces.

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