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Join me at Lemon Grove Lane where timeless style meets the rhythm of the seasons, and wholesome nourishment meets family tradition. Here, every recipe, story, and piece of advice is a thread in the fabric of a life lived with purpose, warmth, and a touch of Pacific Northwest charm.

easy peanut butter pie recipe

Easy Peanut Butter Pie Recipe

Try this easy peanut butter pie recipe from scratch! It’s made from only a few ingredients, it’s easy to put together, and freezes well. Try it and I promise you’re family and friends will ask for more, it’s that good! Why we love it! If you like peanut butter cups,

Creamy Mexican Street corn Salad

Creamy Mexican Street Corn Salad

This Mexican street corn salad is creamy and has just the right amount of spice to give it a kick. Fresh corn is the best in mid to late summer. We like to make this salad with grilled corn, husks on or off (wrapped in parchment paper and foil). It’s

summer key lime pie

Summer Key Lime Pie Recipe

This summer key lime pie starts with a simple graham cracker crust and is filled with sweetened condensed milk, lime juice, yogurt, and cream cheese. It is a refreshing pie recipe that will become a summer staple! Here is what you’ll need to make my key lime pie recipe Related

barley baked s'more cookies

Barely Baked Toasted S’more Cookies

If you’re looking for a fun summer cookie, go no farther! Toaste S’more Cookies are soft, chewy, and topped with extra chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers. Adults and the kiddos will love these because you are adding the delicious campfire flavors to the classic soft chocolate chip cookie. I promise

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