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Patriotic cherry hand pies

Patriotic Cherry Hand Pies

These cherry pies are as sweet as can be and perfect for your next summer grill-out or package them up in little paper bags and add them to your picnic basket! Being that it’s almost 4th of July, what could be better than a Patriotic themed dessert like these fun

aperol spritz

Aperol Spritz with a Twist

Who doesn’t love a spritz on a warm summer evening with friends! Make a big pitcher or individual glasses if that’s your preference. My Aperol Spritz is a little different from the traditional spritz. I add a drop of bitters AND vodka, yes, you heard it right! Feel free to

Patriotic blueberry galette

How to Make a Patriotic Blueberry Galette

With the 4th of July coming, I thought this would be a fun dessert to share for your summer dessert rotation. This blueberry Galette bakes up perfectly, and the robust berry flavor carries through nicely as it bakes. The taste of lemon zest is subtle and works perfectly with the

Tortellini with red peppers and spinach

Tortellini with Spinach and Red Peppers

This is so good and would be delicious weekday family meal or served on a warm summer weekend when you don’t feel like grilling or putting something in the oven. This tortellini recipe has those basic veggies like roasted red peppers, fresh spinach, and cherry tomatoes from the garden making

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