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Join me at Lemon Grove Lane where timeless style meets the rhythm of the seasons, and wholesome nourishment meets family tradition. Here, every recipe, story, and piece of advice is a thread in the fabric of a life lived with purpose, warmth, and a touch of Pacific Northwest charm.

sourdough garlic bread recipe

Sourdough Garlic Bread

This is the same basic sourdough bread recipe, the difference is the addition of garlic and rosemary. Any addition should be added during the the 3rd (of four) lift and fold during the first rise (prior to the dough going in to the refrigerator overnight. Let’s back up a bit

Raspberry Loaf with Lemon Glaze

Raspberry loaf with a lemon glaze is perfect anytime! Soft and buttery bursting with fresh berries this cake is bursting with flavor and delicious for brunch or dessert. So simple to put together! Minimal effort, and it tastes and looks so good. My raspberry loaf is soft, moist, and packed

our family lasagna recipe

Our family Recipe for Lasagna

Here it is! I’m finally sharing our decades old family recipe for lasagna. This one has evolved over the years and is always a hit with family and friends. I consider this a substantial one-pot meal as it has a veggie added plus extra protein so it’s filling and I

simple Mother's Day gift idea

Mother’s Day Gift Idea

There are lots of Mom’s in our family, and then there are all of my girlfriends who are all moms .. the list goes on!  It’s a day to let all Moms play, relax, and definitely not have to cook or clean! This year I purchased a few Bergs Palace Pots and

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