Favorite Summer Cookbooks

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I’ve been so excited to finally share today’s favorite summer cookbooks list with you all!  I have a huge collection  and use them for inspiration and as a guide for meal preparation.

Okay, allow me to digress for just a moment;)   My first career was in the Nutrition field helping patients with heart disease or metabolic dissorders like diabetes improve their health.   I eventually found my way into the beauty and skin care industry and have worked for over a decade in Dermatology.  Now instead of talking about  food I talk about skin!   I recieved my Masters in Aesthetics which means that my emphasis is less on relaxing facials and more focused on  advanced procedures (like Laser) and working with problematic skin issues.   My careers dovetail nicely and although I don’t go into too much detail about nutrition I  touch on it briefly  as what we eat plays an important  roll in how our skin looks and feels.

So let’s circle back around to cooking!

Clean living and whole foods is my passion and preparing a family feast is something I always look forward to.  My kitchen is light and airy and my counters and backsplash are marble, the perfect backdrop for fresh flowers and a wooden bowl filled with colorful produce.  Muffins or cookies made with farm fresh eggs, local honey, crunchy nuts, and unrefined flour sit on a cake stand and in my pantry you’ll find boxes of almond or hemp milk, organic broth, boxes of diced tomatoes, himalayan sea salt, and jars filled with oats, superfoods, nuts, and legumes.


It seems like cookbooks are becoming works or art, have you noticed?  The photography is beyond gorgeous and chefs are sharing more than recipes!   Many speak from the heart, sharing their personal lives and “journey” along with how they shop organize their pantries.

Today I’m sharing three vegetarian cookbooks that have inspired me to include more plant based meals in our diet. If you are new at this sort of meal prep, try using the vegetarian option as a side dish or tweak the recipe to make it more user-friendly.

Plenty:  by Yotam Ottolenghi 

This cookbook is organized by ingredient, and is a feast of color, tastes, and textures.  Ottolenghi co-owns four “food shops” in London where visitors enjoy delicious pastas, roasted peppers, squash, and grain salads from around the world.   Try Poached Baby Vegetables with Caper Mayonaise or Lemon and Egglplant Risotto!

At Home in The Whole Food Kitchen: by Amy Chaplin

If you a not a vegetarian, you will delight in Amy’s easy to follow style as she prepares her plant-based dishes and shares her “balancing food group” knowledge.  If you are a Vegetarian, this book will likely always be on stand-by! Try Black Rice Breakfast Pudding with coconut and bananas or an undon noodle salad with sauteed peppers and sweet corn! For dessert I need to try her Peach Tart with a walnut crust Amy has a section called “my life with tea” and she also touches briefly on cleansing and detox. Under the beverage section,  Turmeric Lemonade and Hibiscus Infusion with citurs and ginger sound wonderful and I look forward to trying them.

Oh She Glows Every Day: by Angela Liddon

Angela began as a food blogger and has written two cookbooks!  Oh She Glows Everyday contains over a hundred glow-worthy plant-based recipes including a everyday menu ideas and holiday or special occasion options.  Recipes include kid, allergy (free) and freezer friendly options along with planning and meal prep time.  Try the Protein Power Rainbow Quinoa Salad and the Peanut Butter Lovers Chocolate tarte!


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  1. Such pretty pics from your kitchen, which is gorgeous! I had a wonderful collection of cookbooks but most didn’t have the fabulous photos you find in today’s cookbooks. Mine were taking up so much space I donated most of them, keeping a few of my favorites. I always enjoy your recipes and your health and beautiy tips…….

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