July favorites

What a month this has been! We are finally scheduled to move into our new home at the end of the week. When we arrive there will still be lots to do but the house will be inhabitable. Wood floors, painting, and appliances will be in. Counters, final tile detail and shower/bath installation in the master bath will happen the following week. Furniture pieces will trickle in .. This is the process of moving and renovation, one step at a time and you have to be flexible and realize that no matter what, the process never goes as you anticipate.

july favorites

Hotel living isn’t optimal however there have been some benefits. Without house chores to do we are free to play when we aren’t at work. The rivers and lakes have been the place to be with the warm weather we’ve been having. Luna is enjoying a lot of ‘firsts’ this summer. We are working on her swimming technique, she slaps the water with her front paws and is sort of vertical in the water. We will work on this and soon she will glide through the water like her Auntie Layla.

july favorites

Flower picking. The fields are filled with wild flowers and theres nothing better than finding a you-pick farm to clip a few flowers for your kitchen.

july favorites

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