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This years family Valentine’s Dinner

valentines day menu

When the kids were little we had the idea of making Valentine’s dinner at home rather than making reservations for two at a fancy restaurant somewhere. We thought making this a family affair would be fun so we had the kids get involved meal prep, table setting, and toasting to a fun evening of (family) love. Since then, we typically enjoy a quiet night with nothing too fancy. If we do go out, it’s usually a last minute decision so we don’t have reservations. With that said, tables are limited so we take a seat at the bar. It’s seems so casual and we always find ourselves in fun conversations with those around us.

valentines day menu


Simple Valentine Table:

If we are having a quiet night ‘in’ we take the time to set a pretty table, play music from our favorite play list, and light candles. The menu is always different. You don’t need to get fancy to set a romantic table. All it takes is candles and a few flowers!

Here’s our menu!

We will start with bubbles. Open your favorite Champagne, sparkling cider, or try a cocktail using Prosecco.

It’s a busy work day so rather than a cheese plate, we will go straight to a salad. This marinated beat salad is delicious and so healthy. I add this delicious salad dressing, so good!

Next I’ll be making a simple Risotto. Make sure you take your time making this and serve it right away. Risotto is comfort food and very cozy.

Steaks grill up quickly! We use a dry rub – no oil marinade.

Every year I make this heart shaped chocolate cake. It’s made with olive oil (heart friendly;) and so delicious!

Valentine's Day Menu

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- Leslie

- Leslie

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