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What I’m using on my skin

what I'm using on my skin

Every season I change up what I’m using on my skin.  Weather changes, hereditary factors, age, and environmental factors all impact the skin pH and natural protective barrier and will need to be considered when choosing the right skin care plan for you.

what I'm using on my skin

What I’m Using on my Skin

As the weather continues to cool, my routine might shift slightly.  There are so many cosmetics and products for the skin.  These items are easy on the skin and would work well for most skin types.  As always if you have issues with your skin speak with your Dermatologist prior to using.

what i use on my skin #skincare #nontoxicbeauty

What I’m using on my skin

Product Quality

  • Just because something is expensive doesn’t means it’s a superior product.  That said with some items you do get what you pay for.  In other words, there are a few items that are worth the money and others, not so much.  More on that later.
  • Product ingredients are definitely something to pay attention to.  For more info on clean beauty, here’s an article. 
  • So, yes you should read labels but also realize that we are everything we breath, eat, and put on our bodies would also need to be taken into account if went totally green and non-toxic.  My plan is to try to limit, not eliminate exposure to toxins.


If you want to cut costs on skin care, do it here. You can purchase a product like bioderm to remove make up or try a pre-cleanse oil like the one I’m using from True Botanicals.

Do you need to cleanse twice a day?  If not, it’s probably a good idea to – at least most of the time.  A cool water rinse in the morning or gentle cleanse is my usual morning routine.  At the end of the day I always remove my make up, doing a double cleanse. True Botanicals and  Tata Harper both offer excellent non-toxic skin care options.

Simplicity is high on my list but at the same time I want to make sure I’m covering all basis with regards to what my skin needs.  If skin is healthy, regardless of age, there will be a natural glow and beauty.  If you find yourself constantly trying to cover bumps and marks with concealer you probably aren’t helping to situation.  Circling back around – skin care products are important and can help with overall skin health.

what I'm using on my skin


Studies show that antioxidants can help neutralize free radicals and counter act oxidative stress.  Think of sliced apples that are left on the counter.  Over the course of a couple of hours you will notice the apples turn brown.  This process is called oxidation and can happen to your skin. When the skin is constantly bombarded with free radicals, premature aging and changes at the cellular level can occur.

Active Botanical Serum is a powerful, face oil that’s infused with healing phytonutrients, balancing minerals, free-radical fighting antioxidants, strengthening phytoceramides, nourishing fatty acids, and brightening vitamins that help renew, repair, protect, and tone the skin. Active Botanical Serum also contains cold-pressed botanical oils and essential oils of the highest-grade.  This product is an all-in-on product so I don’t usually add anything else.  A little bit goes a long way and always makes my skin look smooth and glowy.  I use  4-6 drops of Active Botanical Serum in the palm of my hand, quickly rub my hands together, and press the the serum into my skin.

Lotions and Potions

Right now all I’m using is Active Botanical Serum .  If I’m feeling like a little extra pampering, I will press La Creame balm into my skin.  It does leave the skin ‘shiny’ so if you don’t like that look, I wouldn’t recommend the product.  Triple Lipid Restore offers similar restorative care without the oily glow.  For minimalist make up, try SAIE.  This product offers sheer, slightly shimmery coverage.  For hand and body, I have Earth to Face Lotion on my counter.  My favorites are Rose and Jasmine scent.  As the weather gets cooler I’ll be adding this mask in my routine and a body butter.


Lips don’t have oil glands so they are prone to dryness.  To keep your lips soft and supple, make sure you are drinking plenty of water and adding healthy fats to your diet.  Other than that, try to not lick your lips and keep them covered.  After trying every lip product available ;) my favorite is Lip Butter by Summer Friday.  Made from a blend of vegan waxes it softens, shines and smooths all day and smells dreamy.

Essential Oils

Essential oils can be used on the skin providing you add a carrier oil.  Here are some of my favorite roller ball oil combinations.


..and last, don’t forget to light your favorite candle.  This one by St. Frank Textiles is one of my favorites.  Use my $50 gift card on any purchase of $250 or more with code LEMONGROVELANE50 at checkout to receive your discount.

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- Leslie

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