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Easing into the new year: how to embrace hygge in your home

Deep breath.

Let’s ease into the new year, shall we?  Everyone is talking about it.

How to embrace hygge in your home

The Danish word hygge embodies all that’s cozy, surrounding yourself with people and experiences that provide comfort and help us to enjoy life’s everyday moments. Embracing hygge is about slowing down our typical fast pace and finding moments of quiet and contentment.

Learning how to embrace hygee in your home is simple! Bring out the blankets, make yourself a warm drink, light a candle, and live in the moment.


Proper lighting is a big part of how to hygge in your home.  Bright fluorescent light can create an uncomfortable yellow cast not coziness, so opt for candlelight and add a dimmer to your light switch.  In Denmark, candlelight is everywhere .. restaurants, home, and work place.  Avoid perfumed candles with parabens and use natural burning candles made with soy wax when possible.

Books, movies, and friendship

Books on tables and shelves encourages one to create quiet time so make sure your guest bedrooms and main living areas have books readily available. Sorry, television is the least hygge thing out there unless you’ve invited friends over to watch a movie. Togetherness is another key park of hygee.


While staying inside is very hygge, enjoying the great outdoors (whatever the weather) is important for mental and physical well being.  After snowshoeing or taking a long walk, soak in a warm bath or enjoy a cup of coffee by the fireplace (yes, Danish drink lots of coffee and so do we here in the PNW!)  hot cocoa or tea.

Blankets and throws

Cozy up with extra blankets and throws.  I love to layer my bed in the wintertime and add throws to baskets around the house to encourage quiet, reflective time.

Throw and bedding is from Pom Pom at Home

Homeade, sweets, and comfort food

Bake something sweet like one of these chocolate cakes or my favorite banana bread.   Preparing, cooking, and serving your favorite foods to f family and friends is an important part of creating hygee in the home. While restaurants can have a hygge atmosphere (think dim light, candles, and a fire place in the back), dinning doesn’t compare to gathering around the table and enjoying a meal with family and friends. Creating hygge is more about familiarity and comfort.

- Leslie

- Leslie

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  1. Leslie, your home looks amazing and so cozy. I love doing the cozy in January even though we are high 60’s. AC sometime going but very cozy. Hope your January is off to a wonderful start. Happy New Year!

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