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How to build a simple and inexpensive planter box

Finally the tutorial: how to build a cedar planter box! We had an extended rainy season so this project was delayed and delayed again. It took forever to finally get the seedlings planted. We’ve had on and off rain, and those days always seemed to fall on weekend days which of course is when we do most of projects. Finally we put on our pacific northwest rain gear (we know how to dress for rain around here) and finally put the seedlings in the ground.  A month later everything is coming along nicely. A deck table umbrella was used initially to protect the small plants from the downpours.  It worked and the price was right!

Cedar Planter Box Supply List

  1. Kreg pocket hole drill fixture
  2. Gate corner bracket 
  3. Penofin exterior wood stain
  4. Purchase 9 cedar boards
  5. Drill
  6. Deck screws
how to build a planter box

Why use cedar?

Cedar has several qualities that make it a good choice for planter boxes. It’s naturally insect-resistant, helping protect your plants from bugs. Cedar doesn’t rot as quickly as fir wood, but fir resists warping and splitting over time better than cedar.

How to build a cedar planter box

  • Purchase supplies and create a workspace in an area that will remain dry.
  • Apply 2 coats of Penofin to cedar planks.  This is aesthetically pleasing and will protect your wood.  We did the outside area only so that the treated side would not be touching our organic garden.
  • Trim 1/2″ off each end of your planks.
  • Cut 3 planks in 1/2 (the long pieces will be the sides and the short pieces will be the ends).
  • Stack 3 boards and measure the height.
  • Cut 4 by 4 post the same size as the stacked boards or just estimate about 15″ -you now have a total of 4 pieces, all the same height.
  • The box consists of 9 pieces of cedar and 4 posts.  Begin by connecting the cedar plank side and end pieces.
  • Connect them by using the exterior deck screws using the drill.
  • Now you have the first layer of plank!  Continue the process with 2 more layers. Make sure you build this where you plan to use it as once it’s built it’s awkward and heavy.
  • Fill with dirt, much, and other nutrients for your vegetables.
how to build a garden box
cedar planter box DIY #diycedarplanterbox
cedar planter box DIY #diycedarplanterbox

To plant your indoor garden, I recommend starting in January or February.  I used green house trays with a humidity dome to start my seeds.  The Jiffy median pellets are easy to use and the seeds grow easily in them.  For my garden labels I used vintage zinc plant markers. 

how to make a cedar garden box

Video Tutorial


how to build a cedar planter box

In case you missed it, I also shared how to create a beautiful, overflowing window box here!

how to create a beautiful window box

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  1. Hi Leslie, my husband and I have talked about building raised beds for a long time, we definitely have the room but since we are in a semi-rural area we have a critter issue…no deer but rabbits, skunks and gophers are our biggest problem. Time is a factor too but it would be a fun thing to do with the grandkids. My granddaughter loves to be outside in the yard. I will definitely refer to your video when we finally get around to it. Thanks for the tutorial!

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