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Self Watering Planter Box

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How to build a self watering planter box

Our gardening season is short here in the Pacific Northwest so when spring arrives get everything in pots and in the ground to enjoy for our warm weather season which begins in July.  Most of our property is forest and filled with wild ferns and other indigenous plant life so in the back yard area, I add lots of potted plants.  From our deck area, you step down to pavers surrounded by dogwood and hydrangea.  We’ve yet to officially style the area but I’m thinking we will put a circular table there at some point.  If you are following my instagram stories I frequently tour the garden!  Everything grows really fast here in the PNW and I’m also excited to report my peony plants are finally blooming!

There is certainly lots to share but today I’m just talking about my favorite self watering planter box.

                                                                        How to build a self watering planter box

The planter box adds so much charm to my kitchen window area! Last year I filled the box with herbs and they grew so tall I had to continuously trim them.  This year I planted a variety of pink and white flowers including petunias that will soon begin to spill out and over the container.  The planters are available in a variety of colors and made from maintenance-free material that won’t fade or rot.  The planter box holds about 5 gallons of soil and 3.7 gallons of water to act as a reservoir.

How does the Sub-Irrigation Water Reservoir work?

Designed with a sub-irrigation water reservoir at the bottom of the planter,  water is soaked upward keeping the soil and plant roots moist.  To avoid over-watering there is an overflow hole, genius right?!  Make sure to water regularly for a week or two until the roots are developed and able to pull moisture from the reservoir (creating a self-watering effect).

I found this pretty blue pot for my lavender and the plant stand below was just a few dollars.  I spray-painted it white on my instagram stories last week, did you see it?  So easy and looks cute with the potted plants!

My herbs are in clay pots.  I’ve planted rosemary, thyme, and basil in one pot and mint julep (smells so good!) has a space all of its own.  Last year my mint went crazy so this year I’m keeping it away from the other herbs:)

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I went with a few different flower color themes: whites, violets, and a pink and white combination.  My planter box contains something tall (grass usually), filler flowers, and I finish with something that will spill out over the edge of the plant box.

Our favorite place to sit at the end of the day is by the standing fire pit.  We have benches and wicker chairs to maximize seating in this small, cozy space.  I always use my rolling bar cart for easy access to drinks and munchies before dinner.  It’s chilly here in the PNW so we always have throws outside and area heaters.  My husband still hasn’t put up the cafe lights .. so stay tuned for those to go up!

This is a good weekend to stock up on summer essentials!  There are so many sales!  I’ve added my favorites below.  Click on the images to see details!



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- Leslie

- Leslie

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