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Blackberry Season | Luncheon

As summer draws to a close, Washingtonians look forward to blackberry season! Blackberries grow like weeds here in the Pacific Northwest and if they begin to grow in your yard, it’s best to remove them quickly. Blackberry bushes are thick, full of thorns, and can easily consume your yard.

Tips for the best blackberry picking experience!

Before you head out to pick blackberries, make sure to bring a container to put them in, long clippers, and gloves to protect your hands.  The sweetest berries are tucked under leaves surrounded by thorns so be prepared!  It’s such a treat to take a walk in the forest and graze upon an endless supply of warm, sweet blackberries.  Even Layla has learned to carefully pull blackberries off the lower branches!

Today I am sharing a blogger luncheon showcasing the Washington blackberry. Our menu consisted of locally grown, organic, sustainable food and flowers.  Here in Washington state we pride ourselves in supporting local farmers and choosing organic or sustainable food sources when possible.  Tammy brought blueberries and plums from her garden along with locally sourced flowers for the centerpiece and sugar cookies form a local, family owned bakery.  Missy created our menu and provided the food for our luncheon and took all of these pretty pictures!

About the flowers

One thing I love about Tammy and First & Bloom is that she supports local farmers, and only buys from growers that follow eco-friendly practices.  Some local markets offer flower selections that are treated with pesticides.  Besides being healthier for my home and the environment, First and Bloom flowers last longer because they are picked locally and not shipped long distances.  The blackberry florals were forged from her garden.  I love the way they look in the centerpiece! First & Bloom is a full service florist located in beautiful Issaquah Washington.   Now through the end of September receive *15% off your first custom floral arrangement by mentioning Lemon Grove Lane!  *minimum $65 order

You can reach Tammy here

Photography and Food

I am self taught when it comes to photography and while I do take a lot of my own photos there I times when I need to enlist a professional.  I’ve worked with Missy for a couple years now to help with seasonal and everyday branding services.  Missy’s photography style is in line with my aesthetic and as a bonus she has almost two decades of marketing and website branding experience.  Since re-branding my site I wanted to hire a professional to capture and edit those tough-to-get shots I need so I can better focus on what I do best, creating content to share with you!   If you live in the greater Seattle area and are interested in branding or portrait photography, be sure to visit her website and mention Lemon Grove Lane to receive $50 off Everyday Branding or Gold Collection Portrait services
$25 off Seasonal Branding or Silver Collection Portrait services.  Visit Missy here!

Must book by September 30th 2018 and mention Lemon Grove Lane in the contact form.

Menu (all locally sourced)

  • Organic mixed greens, turkey breast, brie, with chia-blackberry jam
  • Sparkling Wine
  • Blueberries and plums (from Tammy’s garden!)
  • Vanilla Ice Cream with blackberry compote
  • Fresh mint from my garden

Source List

- Leslie

- Leslie

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  1. Hi Leslie! I have absent for some time (life was crazy for awhile) but I have reading your blog again just not commented. My husband and I just returned from a week long stay in Mendocino, we went blackberry picking twice…those bushes are everywhere! I made a cobbler (yum) from the first batch and brought some berries home to freeze. Beautiful photos and love your new site!


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