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Simple Valentine’s Day Decor | DIY Wood Bead Heart

wooden bead heart

Today I’m sharing easy Valentine’s Day Decor, a DIY wood bead heart that’s easy to make and will add just a touch of Valentine to your kitchen or family living area.

diy wooden bead valentines's day heart

After we took down our Christmas tree and winter decor our house felt a bit empty so I started decorating for Valentine’s Day.

diy wooden bead valentine heart

I had beads left over from my DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments so I decided to use them to make a very sweet and simple DIY Wood Bead Heart.

diy wooden bead valentines day heart

I pulled out my ribbon box and found the prettiest, pale pink velvet ribbon to add on one side.

diy wooden bead valentine heart

This DIY Wood Bead Heart looks pretty on my mantle and on the kitchen counter. It will probably move around a bit as I add a few more Valentine’s Day decor around my home.

If you make my DIY Valentine’s Wood Bead Heart make sure to tag me @lemongrovelane so I can share with my readers!

wooden heart for valentines day

What you’ll need to make a wooden bead heart:

Easy directions:

Cut about 24 inches of wired twine and set aside. Cut ribbon and make a bow to attach later. I tape the end of my twine to make it easier to string the beads.

For a heart with the twine leaving the bottom ends (of the heart) open.

Sting the beads in whatever size combination you like. I have two different sizes on mine.

Once the beads are on, tie the bottom of the heart.

Using a glue gun (these are the best and come in handy for so many different crafts) adhere the bow to your wooden bead heart.

wooden bead heart

Make a second one a gift to a family member or friend or use it on your mantle. I have mine on my pot filler now but it will probably move around a bit:)

You can watch me make the wooden Valentine heart here!

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- Leslie

- Leslie

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