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How to make homemade Christmas tree ornaments: DIY bead ornaments

diy bead ornaments

This year I wanted to add a small tree to our kitchen, great room area. I found the perfect tabletop tree for my reclaimed wood island. Because it’s petite I didn’t want to put heavy bulbs on it so I made my ornaments using just a few household items. I like simplicity of these. It’s a quick and easy project and the kiddos will enjoy making them too!

diy bead ornaments

Watch my tutorial here!

DIY bead ornaments

What you’ll need:

What I like about this little DIY project is that it only requires a few items and it’s quick and easy to do. All you need is tape, beads, and twine. You can also use wire to make circular ornaments.

diy bead ornaments
diy bead ornaments

How to assemble:

Get creative! I used a total of five beads, one large, a medium size bead, and a few small ones. Start by cutting about a six inch piece of twine. If you tape the end of the twine your beads will be easier to string. One you have the beads on, tie on to a branch. That’s it!

For the oranges, follow my tutorial here or you can order them online here.

how to make homemade christmas decor
- Leslie

- Leslie

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