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DIY gift idea: potted paperwhites

holiday giving: potted paper whites

GIVING: There is something special about receiving a gift that comes from the heart and is put together or made ‘by hand’ rather than purchased. This year my friends will receive this fun diy gift idea: potted paperwhites, all  wrapped up in cellophane and tied with a blue velvet ribbon for the season of Christmas. Potted paperwhites are simple to make and make a lovely gift that  everyone will love. 

potted paper whites

Every year for as long as I can remember I’ve planted or forced paperwhites the first part of November.  This allows ample amount of time for my bulbs to grow and flower so we can enjoy them for the holidays.  Because my preference is a little less shiny and bright and more simple, nature inspired decor for the holidays, paperwhites add just the perfect little pop of snowy white color to our minimalist decor.

The process of planting or forcing bulbs is so simple and it’s fun for the whole family to watch the bulb grow seemingly right before your eyes.

holiday giving: potted paper whites

Six tips for forcing paperwhites

The word forcing simply means growing your paperwhites indoors. Unlike many bulbs, paperwhites need not be chilled prior to forcing so you can go ahead and skip that step.

  1. Choose a container for your paperwhite bulbs. I usually force my bulbs in groups of three.  Paperwhites can be purchased at your local nursery, on-line, or at the grocery store.
  2. If you choose a glass container, place a layer of small stones 1-2″ deep.  Place the bulbs on top of the stones with the pointy side up and root side down.Add more stones if needed so your bulb is supported.
  3. If you choose to plant in a clay pot: fill your container with potting soil and plant the bottom third of the bulb (root side down and pointy side up) in the soil.
  4. Regardless of which method you are using, water immediately after planting.  Keep the roots moist and avoid covering the entire bulb with water. The bulbs themselves don’t really care for water.
  5. Keep your pot in a spot that gets some daylight.  I keep mine on my kitchen counter.  I’ll be sharing the growth progress in my stories so stay tuned! Depending on the bulbs your purchase, it will take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks to see flowers.
  6. Once the flowers open, tie them with pretty ribbon or twine so they don’t fall over.

diy gift ideas potted paper white flower

potted paper white

When is the best time to plant your paperwhites so they are in bloom for Christmas?

The best time to plant or force your paperwhites for Christmas would be right around Thanksgiving or 4 to 6 weeks before you want them blooming.

  • If you want them flowering for a holiday party, plant 4 or 5 weeks prior to that date.
  • If you want them looking their best on Christmas Eve, plant them the first week of November.
  • Keep in mind I’m just estimating :)

For more simple DIY gift ideas check out this post!  (the prettiest containers of stove top potpourri)

potted paper whitepotted paper whites

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