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The Magic of Christmas Holiday Home Tour

Happy Holidays!  This is my favorite post of the year and I’m excited to share the magic of Christmas and some of our cherished family traditions with you! This week I’ll be sharing our holiday bedroom, how I created my urns, our favorite cookie recipe, and more!

The Magic of Christmas

Our holiday season begins the day after Thanksgiving.  We use the long weekend to put lights outside and get our Christmas tree.  Usually we purchase a tree and have it flocked.  This year we decided to cut our own and keep it green.  When we brought the 11 foot tree inside, I panicked a bit as it was a lot of green!  I went to my local nursery and purchased  ribbon, added a few gold and white pieces, and a few extra mercury bulbs.  At the end of the day I was pleased:)

A neutral girl at heart, I love beige, layers of white, gray, and soft blues.  I’ve created a little Hygee in my home by using mixed a mixture of furniture pieces, fluffy pillows, cozy throws, twinkly lights, and soft throws to create a peaceful, serene space to encourage peace and relaxation at a time when there is typically so much chaos.

I am not a designer by trade and we live in a small home that can sometimes be a challenge to work with. We essentially rebuilt this home a few years ago and ~ mistakes were made,  and there is still so much to do with my decor, window treatments and the like.  I say all this because regardless of your resources I believe we can all create an inviting, festive holiday home by using a lots of creativity, adding in a few new things and then reusing what we have.

My home is a mix of contemporary and vintage decor.  This mirror comes from the French countryside and is one of my favorite pieces.  I love the patina and the way it reflects the tree.

Real garland is everywhere!  Outside, on my banister, and of course the mantle.  I typically use fresh which of course is prone to drying out, especially in this location.  This garland will be replaced with fresh soon .. that’s just the reality of it.

Another French piece. I love the chippy blue paint and the soft pink wrapping paper.

ilve range | rugsectional | coffee table | pouf |   pillow

Target is a great place to shop for holiday decor.  One of my favorite purchases recently has been this vase.  I like the soft beige stripes and it looks pretty on the counter filled with flowers.  The modern white cloche is a new piece and I’ve been using it for croissants and my favorite cheeses.

The Magic of Christmas

The little painting is from Elizabeth Neil, and the candle is from Agape and is one of my favorites!

Hopefully you will feel inspired and leave feeling the magic and joyful spirit of the holiday season!

My beautiful photos were taken by Seattle based photographer Jenny Ostenson Photography.  She is a Tacoma, Seattle wedding photographer with an unrivaled passion for all types of photography, capturing different cultures, the most amazing love stories, and traveling to faraway destinations around the world.  I love her style and can’t wait to share more in the coming months.  Follow her on instagram here!

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- Leslie

- Leslie

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8 Responses

  1. Hi Leslie!
    Everything looks beautiful! The most dear and lovely is that you took into consideration your husband’s vision of a green ( not flocked ) tree this year. There is nothing more fresh than green on white. Your home is a lovely reflection of our regional lifestyle . . . From the Mountains to the Sound . . . Sprinkled with sugar on top!
    Happy Christmas!

    1. Lynne, you are so kind. Yes, although the all those green branches presented a bit of a challenge ;) I felt it was time for a change. I hope you are enjoying your weekend so far and getting into the spirit of the season! xoxo

  2. Your home is so beautiful Leslie. And, you certainly are a designer as well! I love all the neutrals and whites you use. I’ve added some neutrals as well this year and love them. I would love to use all natural greenery but with our warmer temps everything drys and turns brown. I always try, this year my fresh wreaths didn’t last a week! Lesson learned.

    1. Oh my gosh;) I struggle with all the design elements!! You are so kind. The natural greenery is a challenge for me too and I usually need to toss/replace midway through the holiday. My cedar garland outside is doing okay.

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