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Christmas touches in the kitchen

Christmas Touches in the Kitchen

No matter what your age, the holidays give us an opportunity to feel the excitement and wonder of a child.  Christmas joy begins in our home when we decorate and practice traditions that have been passed down for generations.  Whether you go all out with glitz and glamour or prefer a more simplistic or minimal approach you will set the stage to create memories that will be remembered by your children and your children’s children.

If decorating the whole house feels overwhelming (that’s me!) begin with a single room or space. Today I am sharing simple Christmas kitchen touches that anyone can do.

Christmas Touches in the Kitchen

  • Begin by removing anything that you can do without for a month or so.  By clearing space you will better be able to get those creative juices going for styling.
  • Wait to purchase holiday decor until you’ve unpacked your stored boxes.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve purchased something after season at a discount and then forgot about it.
  • Decide how you’d like to decorate this year. Are you going with lots of color and twinkling lights or are you thinking monochromatic, simplistic style?

Now it’s time to look at what you have vs. what’s needed.

  • I use about 80% fresh greens and flowers.  Purchase garland here or here if you are shopping on line or head over to your local tree farm.  Make sure you use an anti wilt spray to help your greens last longer. The wild eucalyptus wreath on my range hood is from Bloomist.  It’s absolutely stunning and I love that it is made with dried flowers (re-purpose!).  It’s If you are a greenery fan and love nature and natural elements, take a peak at what they have to offer (here).  If you find something you like use code LG15 at checkout to receive a discount on your purchase (through December 8th).
  • Stock up on candles. I use  tapers, tea lights, and flameless.  If your tapers are not sticking in your candle holders, try this product. My scented candles are always hand poured, safe burning, and non-toxic, that’s why I only use Olive Branch Vintage. Today I am burning Christmas Eve,  a nostalgic holiday scent of fresh pine, boughs of balsam, and fir intertwined with a heart of cozy cinnamon sticks, clove. This company is family run and I always enjoy supporting companies that create with intention. Read Julia’s meaningful story (here) to see why she started this company.

Set the mood by adding greenery or decorations in unexpected places such as glass cabinets. Try creating a small display on your kitchen counter with a few candles.

Last, stand back and look.  Are you missing anything?

Hopefully these tips will help as you begin thinking of how your home will look over the holidays.  Coming up: holiday touches in the bedroom and Christmas home tour!

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- Leslie

- Leslie

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