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cozy cottage farmhouse style

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Welcome to how to create a cozy cottage farmhouse series! In today’s blog post I’ll be sharing a few of my favorite cottage farmhouse vintage pieces. Because I enjoy curating cottage farmhouse style I thought it would be fun to share ideas in this format. The pieces you see here have been sourced by me and are either in my home or something I’d have in my home. Get inspired, browse for fun, or maybe you’ll find that special piece you’ve been looking for. Grab a cup of tea or coffee and lets take a look!

Vintage Copper Planter

cozy cottage farmhouse finds

Copper is an cottage farmhouse essential. I have a few pieces but I’m on the hunt for more. Buy pieces over time and start a collection for the ultimate cottage farmhouse appeal. This is just the prettiest French copper planter. The handles are gorgeous and this planter would be beautiful displayed on your counter or outside in the garden.

Shop this vintage copper planter by clicking on the image below.

Tickling Stripe Pillow

cozy farmhouse favorites

The simplest way to give your space a refresh .. add pillows! I like the neutral, thin ticking stripes on this classic textile. Goes with everything!

Shop this tickling stripe pillow by clicking the image below.

Reclaimed Wood Counter Island

cozy faarmhouse favorites

This gorgeous island or counter is built from Old Growth Salvaged Pine and will last for generations. Perfect example of form and function joining to create an absolutely beautiful piece.

Shop this island by clicking on the link below. 

Vintage Stoneware Pitcher

coay farmhouse decor

Stoneware vessels like this beauty once lived in a French pantry. Stoneware lasts forever and this color is so warm and cozy.

Shop this stoneware pitcher by clicking on the image below.

Rustic European Books

cottage farmhouse cozy style favorites

I like the color of these gorgeous European antique books and they would add old world charm to your bookshelf or stacked on a table.

To shop these European antique books, click on the image below.

Brass Candlesticks

how to add cottage cozy farmhouse decor to your home

Brass candlesticks never go out of style and are so versatile. I like that these antique treasures come complete with vintage imperfections!

Shop these candlesticks by clicking the image.


Transferware Plate

cozy cottage farmhouse style

I have these and love them so much! If you like that cozy cottage farmhouse feel, these are a must for your kitchen.

Shop these transferware dishes by clicking on the link below.


Cozy farmhouse style

Reducing canned lighting is helpful if you are trying to create a cozy feel in your home. This sconce is beautiful AND functional. It’s a timeless accent light for any room in the house. The arm is adjustable so you can shine light where yo need it most. Genius!

Shop this sconce by clicking on the image below.

I really enjoy this process of curating for you and hope something here gave you an idea or perhaps you will add one of these treasures to your home. Thank you for being here with me today and visiting Lemon Grove Lane.

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