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Three Simple Ways to Transition Your Home From Summer to Fall

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Hello Friends!  Today I’m excited to share 3 Simple Ways to Transition Your Home From Summer to Fall that I hope will inspire you to do the same. Adding fun seasonal touches is simple and doesn’t need to be expensive or time consuming. Here are a few quick and budget friendly ideas!

fall kitchen decor

3 Simple Ways to Transition Your Home From Summer to Fall

As we transition to the season of Autumn, I reach for all things cozy: sweaters, candles, throws, and of course Fall treats like this Spicy Gingerbread Cake, Pumpkin Loaf with Chocolate Chips, Pumpkin Pie Muffins, and last, don’t forget to make Pumpkin Pie Spice! It’s so good in lattes, muffins, quick breads, and cakes.

Rather than rushing into pumpkin everything, I ease into Fall by replacing summer decor with splashes of color, greenery, wood, apples, seasonal blooms, candles, and a few vintage pieces. Check here for more on transitioning into Fall.

As we near the end of September it’s a good time to have a general game plan for the next few months.  Halloween and Thanksgiving seem to blend together and then there’s the mad dash to shop and prepare for the holidays.  I add notes to my calendar to remind me to shop or plan for something.  An example would be Christmas cards.  Now is the time to think about taking that family photo.  Fall and winter decor is in stores and everything is pretty well stocked.  Now is a good time to take inventory, donate, toss, or purchase what’s needed.  You don’t need to spend a lot to add a Fall vibe to your home. Here are a few simple ways to add Fall kitchen decor.

#1: 3 Simple Ways to Transition Your Home From Summer to Fall: Add flowers and vintage stoneware or ceramics

This is the first place I start when it comes to freshening up my kitchen. Flowers are a no-brainer and can be purchased at your local market.  I’ve also got my dried hydrangea displayed in a vintage container on one of my shelves.  You can purchase ‘antique’ hydrangea or dry your own.  It’s so easy! Check this blog post for details. I’ve switched from glass to a ceramic container for my flowers.  This look is a bit more rustic and works with the season. Ceramics are available from specialty stores a well as Etsy so check prices and choose what works best for your home and budget.

Stores to shop for budget friendly home and Fall kitchen decor

Once you decide on a seasonal game-plan, check to see what you can re-use. Last year I filled an old basket with a throw, pompous grass, a throw, to create a fun autumn basket that can be used in our home through Thanksgiving.  Here’s the blog post for reference.

With some of the seasonal items, I don’t like to spend a lot of money as the season is relatively short.  Here are a two of my favorite stores to shop for seasonal decor.

Vintage stoneware is fun to collect over time.  I also like this French Butter Keeper. I changed up the counter space near our range to include a vintage crock for my wood pieces, a ceramic bowl that I fill with garlic and my favorite cookbook is open displaying beautiful Fall scene.  On the other side I added a ceramic oil dispenser, my favorite olive oil, a pepper grinder, and candle to a speckled ceramic charger.  I like to corral my favorite pieces and keep them at easy reach.

fall kitchen decor
fall kitchen decor

#2: 3 Simple Ways to Transition Your Home From Summer to Fall: Forage Natural Elements

You don’t need to spend money or go far to forage branches and leaves to cozy up your home for Fall. Here are a few of my favorite foraged items. You can also order these on Amazon (search FALL decor) or Etsy. If you are unable to forage natural elements, you can easily find something faux on Amazon or Etsy. How adorable are these pumpkins?

  • Cat tails
  • Branches
  • Colorful leaves
  • Pressed flowers and fern
  • Apples, pear, pumpkin
  • Wheat
  • Acorn

I do have some faux foliage however that’s not my preference. I’d rather hold off to display what I want and look for local flowers and foliage that’s ready to display.   If you want to start adding decor early, (fall branches with red and orange leaves for example) you will likely need to purchase faux pieces. Pay attention to quality and spend what you need to for your faux pieces to look realistic.  I’ve learned from past experience that you get what you pay when purchasing faux flowers and branches.  Another option is to display dried flowers and grass.  Bloomist has so many gorgeous options.

My favorite stores to purchase dried or faux flowers and foliage:

#3 Easing into Fall | Simple Kitchen Updates: Candles and Essential Oils

Diffusing essential oil is a natural way to create seasonal ambiance and can also help keep us calm during the busy months ahead.  For the changing season, try diffusing my two of my favorite essential oils: 3 drops Veviter + 3 drops essential oil of peppermint. More info on how to incorporate essential oils into your natural home can be found here!

Candles add ambiance as well as pleasant fragrance to your home.  I use only use hand poured candles and natural scents for our home as they are nontoxic.  My two favorites candles for Fall are from Jenni Kayne, Ash and Cedar

fall kitchen decor
kitchen decor

Add cozy throws, warm wood, and glass containers filled with these gorgeous plume reeds.  Try tossing a throw or soft sheepskin over a chair.  This Alpaca throw is my favorite for cozy fall and winter weather.   A

3 easy ways to transition your home from summer to fall
fall kitchen decor
fall kitchen decor

Pull out your wooden pieces!  If you like neutrals but worry about your home lacking warmth, try adding wood pieces.  I leave my wooden bowls and bread boards out on my counter.  They are both functional (protect the marble) and pretty to look at.  See the cabinets in the background of the picture below?  They are going away ;) and we are finally extending the marble tile up and around the kitchen window.  We will be adding open shelves!! .. so exciting and I can’t wait to display some of my pretty ceramic pieces.

kitchen decor
kitchen decor fall
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- Leslie

- Leslie

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