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Today I’m talking about whats in my refrigerator and sharing healthy foods to beat the winter blues. Winter months can be tough particularly if you live in a cold, dark climate.  To keep you feeling happy and energized it’s important to take the time to care for your mind and body.  Hears what is in my refrigerator today!

  • Organize

Keeping my refrigerator clean and organized helps my day go smoothly.  I shop once a week for most food items and then every few days for fresh produce.  If I have time, I wash the greens and store them in an air tight container.  This makes it really easy to add veges to leftover dinner for a quick lunch.  When it comes to everyday food, you will see a variety of protein sources in my refrigerator.  I’m not a vegetarian  however I do follow a plant based template and then add ethically raised, wild, pasture free, and organic ;)  meat, eggs, and fish to the mix. Balance and avoiding fad diets is probably a good choice.  I try to include a protein, fat, and carbohydrate with each meal.  Because plant based diets are popular now I’m trying to add meatless options to my weekly menu.

  • Diary and Nut Milks

Another everyday basic would be nut milks.  I like Hemp, Coconut, and Almond milk for cooking and on cereal.  Check the labels for sugar and see if the product has added calcium and vitamin D.   Sometimes I get the vanilla flavor with added sugar and use it to make smoothies.  It’s delicious however you do need to factor in the sugar.  You can also make a Chia pudding that makes for a nice treat or supplement to your smoothie.  I do enjoy dairy every now and again – always organic, grass-fed cows.  My favorite is Greek Yogurt with some honey, berries, or granola on top.

  • Veg-Out

Shop the color of the rainbow when it comes to fruits and vegetables.  In the wintertime raw vegetables aren’t as appetizing so I will roast and puree them in my Vitamix to make a hearty soup or add leafy greens to my smoothies (here are my favorites).

Fermented foods contain ingredients that are said to improve the beneficial bacteria in the gut.  Try a spoonful of Kim-chi or raw sauerkraut with dinner and take a probiotic supplement like this one from Nutricology.  Pre and Probiotics can also help with our immune function, so those that suffer from frequent colds and flu may benefit by taking probiotics regularly.

  • Good Fats

Oils:  If you are taking Fish Oils or any other type of oil mix, it’s best to keep it refrigerated to prevent rancidity.

  • Cravings

There is nothing wrong with good quality chocolate, it’s the sugar that’s a problem.  {I always keep a private stash in my refrigerator:}

  • Go Nuts

Raw nuts and seeds contain essential fatty acids that can be destroyed at room temperature.  Preserve your seeds and super foods by keeping them in the refrigerator.  Nut butters and nut milk can also be kept in your refrigerator.  I like to make my own almond milk when I have time.  It’s delicious!

  • Healthy Powders

Protein Powder, Maca, Hemp Seeds, Green Powders, and Adaptogenic Herbs fall in this category.  Some are said to improve brain function as well as improving overall health and well being.


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- Leslie

- Leslie

Welcome to Lemon Grove Lane, where I share seasonal recipes and heartfelt home inspiration, all curated to nurture the art of a well-lived life.

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  1. Great tips! I usually clean my frig daily and a good cleaning weekly. I confess, probably a lot in there that would freak you out. I’m not in the winter blues but not energized either. I’m ready for spring and getting back on track……Thanks so much for the reminder…….

    1. Honestly Emily ;) I am not always perfect in the food category. MOST of the time I try to eat well. This weekend we were out of town so ..and all bets were off! haha;)

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